Flat Pluto


The new luxury cashmere label Flat Pluto unveils a collection of tattoo-inspired jumpers, in collaboration with tattoo artist Jack Watts of Tattoos For Your Enemies
Dragon Cashmere Jumper (left and right), Twin Leopard’s Cashmere Jumper(centre); HKD 2,880

At last, tattoo pieces that are mum-approved! Unconventional and luxurious, the new cashmere label Flat Pluto constructs a seamless crossover between tattoo art and fashion. Paying tribute to traditional tattoo designs, the Hong Kong-based brand is collaborating with rising tattoo artists to create vibrant and limited-edition cashmere jumpers for men and women. This time, Flat Pluto joins forces with the quirky and innovative Jack Watts of ‘Tattoos For Your Enemies’ from the artistic and magnetic London fashion scene.

Merging the vividly creative minds of a tattoo artist and a designer, Flat Pluto introduces a collection of hand-embroidered jumpers, featuring playful animal motifs, splashed in a repertoire of bold and light-toned colours.

Mother and daughter duo Lynn Pryor and Isabelle Scheyd, the founders of Flat Pluto, drew inspiration from their passion for art and fashion. Following countless visits to museums and art galleries with Lynn, Isabelle then introduced the less conventional art form to her mother – thus, Flat Pluto was born. With an eye for the most promising artists in town, the Anglo-American duo selected Jack Watts of Tattoos For Your Enemies for their opening collection.

Jack Watts expanded his artistry from inking on bare skin to designing patterns on hand-painted jackets, trousers, t-shirts and now high-end cashmere jumpers. Drawing from the world of bold folk art, the artist has injected his signature motifs, revealing a mysterious dragon on Dragon’s Cashmere Jumper and two vigorous leopards on Twin Leopard’s Cashmere Jumper. A nod to sleeve tattoos, the dragon is hand-embroidered on the right sleeve and is available in an electric blue shade and oatmeal-like colour. Adding a little dimension and a dash of vibrant orange or mid-grey colour, the twin leopard design steals the show with the mirrored hand-embroidered motif in the front.

Embracing sustainability, the refined fabrics are derived from free-range cashmere goats in the incredible Himalayan plateau of Tibet. Environmentally conscious and exquisitely comfortable, these lusciously soft and uniquely designed pullovers are ideal for the cooler sweater season and make perfect Christmas gifts.