20 Jul 2023 By AWAY IN STYLE

Forever Yours For the love of the game – Rich Paul for New Balance, featuring the 550.

Rich Paul for New Balance. The 550 and classic court apparel are a love letter to the youthful feeling of all-consuming affection.

Before he was a CEO and industry changing agent, Rich Paul was a kid who loved the game. The ‘Forever Yours’ 550 combines elevated material construction with a palette of purple, pink, and navy blue. The 550’s standard leather upper is swapped out for suede, rendered in a soft yet striking shade of purple. This soft, luxurious approach to the 550’s classic court style is rounded out with graphics featuring the collection’s romantic imagery and co-branded details. This playful execution of romantic imagery celebrates taking this youthful, almost reckless approach to the object of your affection, whether it’s the game, or the one.

Flowers of romance: An embroidered monogram ‘RP’ logo, intertwined with a decorative rose, features throughout the collection.

Loving detail: The ‘Forever Yours’ imagery is subtly applied but stands out through embroidery and puff printed graphics.