25 Mar 2023 By May Ng

FRANCIS Expands East and West Starting with New Soho Space

Five years after FRANCIS first captivated diners in Wan Chai with the vibrant tastes of Tel Aviv, FRANCIS west is set to do the same in Soho with the fragrant spices and smoky flavours of the Maghreb.

FRANCIS west_Raw Tuna – Argan oil, almond, green chilli, gazpacho

The new eatery at 42 Peel Street, which opens to the public on 23 March, is the first of two Middle Eastern ventures being launched this year by restaurateur James Ward, chef Asher Goldstein and sommelier Simone Sammuri, with FRANCIS east expected to open in late 2023 based on an all day concept inspired by the Levant region, the area along the Eastern Mediterranean shores.

FRANCIS west_Merguez – Homemade lamb sausage, red pepper

Consisting of the North African countries of Algeria, Tunisia, Libya and Morocco, the Maghreb takes its name from the Arabic term meaning “place where the sun sets” or “the land farthest west”. Its rich culinary heritage was created over centuries of exchange between the region’s various cultures and neighbouring countries, resulting in a marriage of Mediterranean and African flavours, intermingled with ancient Arab cooking traditions.

FRANCIS west_Cuttlefish – Harissa, ink

Goldstein, who hails from Tel Aviv, drew on these influences and his own experience crafting contemporary Middle Eastern cuisine at the original FRANCIS to create an array of dishes designed for sharing at the new restaurant. New menu highlights include Mashwiya (Tunisian grilled salad), Stone Baked Frena (a Moroccan flatbread), Spanner Crab with Chraime, a spicy sauce made from tomatoes and paprika and Lamb Merguez. Also included are the FRANCIS classics of hummus, cigars, smoked carrots and  knafeh.

FRANCIS west_Mussel Escabeche – Fennel, tomato, burgul

Soon to come, a Chef’s Menu will be available at the new restaurant featuring a seasonally changing selection of signature dishes including appetisers, mains and dessert for the whole table to share.


Felicity Building, 42 & 44 Peel Street, Central

Email: info@francis.com.hk

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/francishongkong/?hl=en

Reservations: https://www.sevenrooms.com/reservations/franciswest 

Opening Dates

Soft Opening, Monday 20 – Wednesday 22 March “friends and family”

Open to public from Thursday 23 March

Opening Hours

Monday – Saturday: 17:00 – 23:00