Maison FRED announces collaboration with CLOT. This first line of streetwear from the French jeweller is inspired by the world of its iconic Force 10 collection.

 Fred Samuel was not yet thirty when he opened his jewellery house in 1936 in Paris.  By engraving his business card with the words ‘Moderne Joaillier Créateur’, he instantly declared his bold and pioneering style. His youth and visionary spirit spurred him to rewrite the traditional jewellery codes and collaborate with numerous artists. He designed jewels with an air of chic casualness that was radically new for the time. Among these was the Force 10 bracelet: considered the first sports jewel, and worn by women as well as by men, it has gone on to become a genuine icon.

This season, Valerie Samuel, artistic director and vice¬-president of FRED, continues this avant-garde tradition by fusing jewellery and streetwear: “I gave carte blanche to the CLOT label to get inspiration from the universe of Force 10 and create this clothing line. The style and sporting values of our iconic bracelet find a natural place in the streetwear fashion of CLOT’s urban and arty vision.”

Started in 2003 in Hong Kong under the leadership of its two founders, Edison Chen and Kevin Poon, CLOT is a fashion and lifestyle brand combining streetwear and urban sport influences. With a global presence, CLOT draws on its Asian roots to forge bonds with the West through its ready-to-wear collections and collaborations with big names in street culture. “We always aim to bridge the East and the West through reimagining different cultural icons through our own lens, and this collaboration is no different. With what CLOT and FRED stand for, the collaboration itself is a mark of bridging the East and the West,” explains Edison Chen.

The designer further anchors Force 10 in the world of sport through the first fashion capsule collection in FRED’s history. Inspired by a set of fine jewellery and multiplied like a chain, the signature buckle appears at the neckline and on the front oft-shirts, sweatshirts and hoodies in bold colours. A cap and a beanie complete the line.

“Luxury jewellery has always played a big part in street fashion and, of course, in fashion at large. We looked into FRED’s archives and took cues from advertisements and visuals from the ’50s and ’60s, bringing this to the modern day with a CLOT twist. A lot of the collection also pays homage to ’90s hip-hop such as the three-chain crewneck. Special design elements such as the lace-up detailing on the coach jacket are directly inspired by FRED jewellery pieces and, of course, the main colours of this collection are navy blue (representing FRED) and red (representing CLOT). We hoped to remix some of our brand identity with FRED’s signature designs to create a collection that appeals to different demographics and both brands’ fan bases,” Edison Chen adds.

This collaboration was unveiled in full in a digital fashion show during Rakuten Fashion Week in Tokyo on October 16th, 2020, and is now available at JUICE in Hong Kong.