Fresh Kombucha Facial Treatment Essence

Concerned about pollution and the damage it can do to your skin?

Fresh’s best-selling Kombucha Facial Treatment Essence is scientifically proven to protect your complexion against pollution, helping prevent dullness, dryness, and premature fine lines.

Powered by Kombucha, this silky concentrated leave-on formula delivers eight proven benefits.

Pores and fine lines look more refined while skin is left bouncy, smooth, and luminous.

An essence is a liquid skincare treatment that preps for and boosts your skincare ritual while delivering targeted benefits.

As the first step in treating the skin, it allows the products applied after— like a serum and moisturizer—to work harder and better. Providing significant protection against pollution,

Kombucha Facial Treatment Essence is an essential part of any ritual. Air pollution—both indoor and outdoor—contains particle matter, such as heavy metals, hydrocarbons, and other contaminants that are smaller than 2.5 microns in size (PM2.5).

These microscopic particles can cause oxidative stress that leads to premature fine lines, dryness, and a dull complexion.

Add in digital light—emitted from screens on cell phones, tablets, TVs, and computers— and your skin is being exposed to the effects of pollution 24 hours a day!


  1. Anti-pollution**
  2. Boosts luminosity
  3. Smoothes skin texture
  4. Preps for next steps
  5. Refines the look of pores
  6. Reduces the look of fine lines
  7. Improves skin’s bounce
  8. 24-hour hydration***

Kombucha Facial Treatment Essence

HK$860/250ml; HK$600/150ml; Travel size HK$280/50ml

are now at fresh boutiques and counters.

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*ex vivo tests  **clinical assessment on 22 subjects during 4 weeks

***self-assessment on 60 subjects during 4 weeks

****instrumental test on 11 subjects