6 May 2023 By May Ng


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fresh Limited-Edition Soy Face Cleanser $420/250ml

Available from 1 May 2023
at www.fresh.com/hk , fresh boutiques and counters.

Clean skin. fresh skin. Your skin.

fresh is thrilled to announce its collaboration with Parsons School of Design
to create a limited-edition look for the iconic Soy Face Cleanser.
Designed by Parsons student and former fresh intern, Sammi Shen,
her original artwork is an interpretation of
the vast blue sky and provides a fresh outlook:
“The beauty of clouds in our sky is one of the only things
that can be universally understood, no matter your age, race, gender identity,
no matter where you are across the globe,
because ultimately, we are all under the same sky,” says Sammi.

Key ingredients

Soy proteins are rich in amino acid hydroxyproline and
known to improve elasticity and smooth skin
to promote a healthy-looking complexion.
This ingredient was by-product of soy production in the food industry,
it’s upcycled (aka repurposed) to help with excess waste.

Cucumber extract helps to cool, calm, and provide a cooling effect.

Aloe vera helps to soothe and hydrate the skin.

Borage seed oil is rich in essential fatty acids to help to nourish
and soften dry skin while maintaining a supple and healthy look.