Nature has always been an inexhaustible source of inspiration for Lalique. Artist and founder René Lalique loved nature above all and observed it with utmost care. His creativity continues to be nurtured by the three “F”’s: Femme, Flora and Fauna, which were ubiquitous in his designs.
The new BOTANICA collection takes us into a universe where floral romanticism contrasts with mineral strength. Thanks to the talent of its artists and the exceptional expertise of its glass masters, Lalique captures the ornamental and symbolic power of peony and cherry blossoms. The
precision of the designs, the purity of the material and the play on reflections and transparency give birth to exquisite decorative objects. Through satin-finished crystal, sometimes highlighted with gold or enamel, Lalique, sculptor of light, immortalizes nature and invites us to admire its beauty.

The theme of this new collection is cherry blossoms. Cherry blossoms symbolize the ephemeral character of beauty and life, inviting one to marvel at the present moment.  limited edition of 88 pieces in fuchsia, illuminated with gold and highlighted with enamel and applied by hand. While, scintillating on satin-finished crystal, the cherry blossoms of the Sakura vases evoke the universally admired and wondrous blossoming of the Japanese cherry tree.Symbolizing the ephemeral character of beauty and life, each piece  invites one to marvel at the present moment. Issued in clear crystal and pink luster exclusively for the Lalique Boutiques.

To celebrate 2021, the year of the Ox in Chinese astrology, Lalique designed the Ox and Nam Buffalo sculptures. The Ox is known to be determined, perseverant and trustworthy. Available in clear and gold stamped. While the Nam Buffalo, is a symbol of strength and virility, embodies a quiet force. Available in clear crystal or Limited Edition of 20 pieces in pink luster as Lalique Boutiques exclusive.