12 Aug 2023 By May Ng

Galerie Koo proudly presents a joint exhibition of Hong Kong artist Joshua Leung and Kwong Kwok Wai “Reminiscences”

Exploring the relationship between people and the city is the central theme of Joshua Leung and Kwong Kwok Wai’s work. Both are contemporary artists born and raised in Hong Kong, a unique place in terms of geography, culture and academic background, Leung and Kwong’s work conveys a dense expression of urban conditions and their own feelings about living in the city.

Joshua believes that art is a powerful tool for communicating values and perspectives – a glue that binds communities together. His works are not only narratives rooted in reality but also, retain a sense of self-conscious spirituality that is intertwined with the abstraction of the subject matter.

For Kwok Wai finding ‘Elysium’ is a universal desire, he expressed it in a contemporary approach using abstractions to push the boundaries of interpretation. Using old local maps as a reference in his painting process, he transformed them into organic marks and shapes of a new imaginary land. For him, it’s a process of rebirth and reconciliation with the unknown self.

Both artists record their feelings about Hong Kong, hoping to build a bridge through their works, thus communicating with the viewer and creating resonance.

Joshua Leung - Where Are We Now (Yesterday and Today) 2023 (diptych) H92xW61cm each Oil on canvas