10 Jun 2023 By May Ng

Gishiki Lounge launches new Noh Theatre-inspired cocktail menu

ated in the heart of Central, Gishiki Lounge has recently launched its newest Noh Theatre-inspired menu, enticing guests with contemporary cocktails that showcase a range of complex flavour profiles.

Featuring three sections, Jo (beginning or opening), Ha (break or development) and Kyu (fast or climax), the menu is rhythmically categorised, resulting in a symbiosis of stories that awaken the palate.
Start with Jūroku from Jo, made with spiced rum, coconut two-ways, pineapple foam and anko paint, inspired by the Tale of the Heike, or Semimaru, a surprisingly light cocktail that resembles and espresso martini, but ingredients include shochu, black sesame, mochigome and soursop pulp.
The Ha section showcases slightly stronger drinks, such as Hannya, a gin-based cocktail with four citrus shrubs, hojicha concentrate and hibiscus, inspired by the story of the grief and sorrow of a woman who is overwhelmed with jealousy and anger. Fudō puts on a smoky show, with a whisky base with genmaicha, rice vinegar, and elderflower—a story about the God of Fire.
The most daring section of the menu, Kyu, include Yamanba, a savoury cocktail with rye whisky, shiitake mushroom, onion shoots, nori tincture and black winter truffle, and Shōjō, a gin-based martini-like cocktail with sake kasu, sakura vermouth and cherry blossom. 
All cocktails are priced at HK$138 and contribute to a unique storytelling experience, where guests step out of the city and into the immersive space of Gishiki Lounge.

Opening hours: 

Monday to Thursday: 5pm to 12am

Friday and Saturday: 5pm to 2am

Address: Shop 01-LG103, LG1/F Block 01, Tai Kwun, Shama Soho, 10 Hollywood Road, Central

Booking number: +852 2884 0114