3 Jan 2022 By AWAY IN STYLE


Givenchy celebrates Chinese New Year with an exciting, limited-edition capsule collection launching on December 31st, 2021.

Creative Director Matthew M. Williams welcomes the Year of the Tiger — an animal revered for its courage, strength, and regal air — with a series of special pieces featuring dynamic embroideries, variations on distinctive hardware signatures and now-iconic essentials he has developed for the House. 4G embroidered monograms bring texture and refinement to these looks, while figurative prints show a roaring tiger sporting a G-Lock chain as a collar, suggesting that only Givenchy can tame the largest and most powerful of the wild cats.

Exclusive pieces include sweaters, leggings, and hoodies with graphic black and white stripes. For women, Givenchy “Tiger” collectibles include a soft pink hoodie portraying two tigers, their bodies and tails stylized to form a heart shape around the House’s name. A lone tiger also appears in contrast on black, white, and red separates, such as t-shirts, a shirt or cardigan with cut-out shoulders, a cropped windbreaker and a black miniskirt in crackled denim and the animal mascot embroidered in red. Integrating seamlessly into the Givenchy wardrobe, these items pair perfectly with the new Marshmallow clog and the Shark Lock biker boots.

For men, statement pieces include a striped reversible jacket, hoodie, and shorts as well as black, white, or red t- shirts with small or large versions of the tiger print. Rounding out the offer are sweatshirts, a jacket, and 4G sweatpants designed to become instant wardrobe essentials, worn here with new footwear styles: injection- molded Monumental shoes and GIV 1 sneakers.

Striking Lunar New Year accessories for women and men also feature tiger embellishments: A chunky G-Lock necklace is laser-engraved with the tiger stripe motif, which crops up in black and pink on limited-edition earrings. Original versions of the Cut-Out and likewise feature black and white stripe graphics, accentuated by gold-finish chains and 4G embroidery. Universal bags include the new G tote.

The Givenchy “Year of the Tiger” capsule will be available in-store starting on December 31st, 2021.


老虎象徵勇猛、威武與王者之風,品牌創意總監Matthew M. Williams為了迎接新春虎年,特別打造一系列 添上精巧刺繡的別注單品,亦創意變奏特色金屬元素及他為品牌設計的時尚經典。4G刺繡標誌為設計增添 豐富質感和優雅魅力,而栩栩如生的猛虎圖案頸上戴上G-Lock頸鏈,亦代表只有Givenchy能馴服威猛無比 的老虎。

限量設計包括黑白色條紋冷衫、襯褲和連帽衛衣。女裝方面,Givenchy的虎年主題款式包括柔美的粉紅色 連帽衛衣,衣服上的兩雙老虎以身體和尾巴勾勒成心形,圍繞中間的品牌名稱,令人心動。多款T裇、襯 衫、露肩開胸毛衣、短身風褸,以及飾以紅色老虎刺繡的黑色裂紋迷你牛仔裙等黑、白、紅色單品,亦以 老虎圖案點綴,形成鮮明對比。這些限量之作與Givenchy的系列完美相襯,與新推出的Marshmallow涼鞋 和Shark Lock短靴亦堪稱絕配。

特色男裝設計包括雙面條紋外套、連帽衛衣、短褲,以及印有大小老虎圖案的黑色、白色或紅色T裇。另 外還有衛衣、外套和4G運動褲,配搭全新的Monumental注塑運動鞋和GIV 1運動鞋,必定成為今季的引領 潮流之選。

新春限定男女裝配飾同樣加入奪目的老虎元素,例如型格的G-Lock粗頸鏈便添上鐳射雕刻虎紋,而新春限 定的耳環則配以黑色和粉紅色虎紋。Cut-Out等創新袋款採用奪目的黑白色條紋,再配上金色鏈飾和4G刺 繡,另外還有全新的G手挽袋等中性設計。