10 Aug 2021 By AWAY IN STYLE

Go beyond with Fred a special program of 10 collection

Further and beyond, FRED welcomes the height of summer with its own dynamic collaboration this August, bringing together talented individuals from across the Asia-Pacific region to present five exclusive online fitness sessions. Audacity, courage and freedom tie these special demonstrations together – alongside FRED’s handsome Force 10 Bracelets – and these capture the incredible spirit and key values of sportsmanship that FRED shares with incredible individuals.

Now open for registration at https://www.gobeyondwithfred.com/en-US, each of the sessions in this special collaboration features a distinct subject – Pilates, Circuit Training, Yoga, Kick Boxing and Bodyweight – and is demonstrated online by regional influencers and masters of their respective fields starting from Saturday 7thAugust 2021, making them perfect for sports lovers and wellness enthusiasts alike. All of them bear FRED’s Force 10 Bracelets as a constant companion during their respective lessons – a sure sign of how compatible the core values of FRED are with the innate talent and triumphs of the region’s great sportsmen and women.

Infused with Fred Samuel and his family’s passion for the sea and sailing, today the Force 10 bracelet is one of the Maison’s emblems. More than a jewel, it has become a symbol of courage, perseverance and self-confidence. The Force 10 bracelet can be worn in a thousand and one ways, every day, as one wishes. Both timeless and modern due to its interchangeability, its unisex aesthetic adapts to each personality. Wearing Force 10 is a statement of style and daring for driven and passionate personalities, for those who remain unstoppable, and especially not by the limits of the horizon.

Maison FRED invited sports lovers to GO BEYOND with us, presenting various online fitness programs by marvellous talents across the region, to breathe some life into your workout routine. Simply register and get access to 5 online workout videos, let these sports lovers raise your pulse! Push back the sofa, get ready to sweat and GO BEYOND with Force 10!