Grand Hyatt Steakhouse is opening at Grand Hyatt Hong Kong

Opening on 21 March 2011, the Grand Hyatt Steakhouse is a 110-seat classic American steakhouse featuring prime cuts of beef from the US, Canada and Japan. The new restaurant also indulges diners with an impressive Seafood and Oyster Bar, an elaborate Salad Bar, a stylish wine room and an intimate cigar tasting room.

Located on the hotel's second floor, the Grand Hyatt Steakhouse is accessible from the hotel driveway, as well as from the Mezzanine level opposite to the Kaetsu Japanese restaurant. The main dining room enjoys view of the hotel lobby. A semi-private dining room accommodating up to eight people and a private room for 12-18 guests are available.

The Steaks
The steaks will be cooked perfectly to the guests' liking in a custom-built broiler heated to over 900ºC searing the outside of the steak and giving it the ultimate flavour.

Head Chef, David Campbell has sourced beef from three different origins:

Canadian Heritage Angus Beef – Spirit River, Alberta
This is AAA-grade beef, with the Heritage Angus Cattle, pasture-raised from birth without antibiotics, growth hormones or animal by-products under strict guidelines on environmental stewardship. The cattle are allowed to graze freely on the rich grasses as a ruminant should. They are finished on silage prior to slaughter, which creates a product with a fantastic beef flavour, as well as the marbling associated with great steak. All bone-in steaks are of this type.

USDA Prime Nebraska Beef
These cattle are raised in the corn belt of the US, where some of the world's finest beef is reared. The prime grade achieved by this beef is attained by only 2% of the entire stock of US beef. Prime beef is known for its fat marbling and fat is where the flavour is. This translates to juicy, tender and flavourful steaks. Cuts offered include tenderloin, rib-eye, entrecote, rump and flank.

Japanese Kumamoto Wagyu Beef
Kumamoto beef comes from the Red Wagyu cattle which are renowned for their extreme marbling, sweet flavour, fine texture and rich juiciness. The cattle graze on the tender fertile grass in the Aso plains of Kyushu and are pampered throughout their life by listening to music and receiving massages. Its higher percentage of monounsaturated fat than any other beef breed makes it a healthier option. Cuts offered include tenderloin and striploin.

Other than Beef
Excellent alternatives to beef include Dutch veal chops, all-natural rack of US lamb, roasted organic chicken, ocean prawns, line-caught fish and more.

Oyster and Seafood Bar
A freshly shucked selection of oysters from Brittany and Normandy will be served along with Maine lobster, Alaskan King crab legs, prawns and other seasonal fresh seafood. Celebrate special occasions with our premium caviar complemented with champagne. The chef will guide diners through the Oyster and Seafood Bar while discussing the provenance and quality of each item.

Salad Bar
The salad bar will provide a bounty of the freshest produce available, with signature salads offered. For example our Steakhouse Caesar Salad will be prepared fresh to diners' taste at the Salad Bar where guests can also enjoy their choice of greens, condiments and home-made dressings.

The Wine
The hotel's sommelier, Christophe Orlarei has selected over 160 labels of superb international wines and over 600 bottles from around the world. Sixteen different wines are also available by the glass.

For Grand Hyatt Steakhouse reservations, please call 2584 7722.
Second floor, Grand Hyatt Hong Kong, 1 Harbour Road, Hong Kong