Gucci | Doraemon

Gucci 農曆新年廣告企劃推出 日本人氣動漫角色多啦 A 夢別注系列

為慶賀 2 月 12 日正式踏入辛丑牛年,Gucci 創作總監 Alessandro Michele 特別設計了一個農曆新年別注系列,與日本人氣動漫角色多啦 A 夢攜手共賀新禧。 多啦 A 夢是來自 22 世紀的貓型機械人,特地穿越時空回來,利用四次元百寶袋內藏的法寶幫 助小學生野比大雄。是次 Doraemon X Gucci 聯乘企劃亦標誌著漫畫版《多啦 A 夢》踏入 50 周年。

多啦 A 夢亦化身全新 Gucci 農曆新年廣告企劃主角,亮相於攝影師 Angelo Pennetta 的鏡 頭前。這隻人氣機械貓是來自幻想國度的友伴,陪你度過日常生活的每一刻,無論是吃早餐、 打電玩還是在花園舉行派對,可愛的多啦 A 夢都為你和好友增添歡樂色彩,將平凡時刻化作 愉快冒險。

男女裝別注系列網羅不同種類的單品,在 GG 圖案上加印經典藍色多啦 A 夢標誌,將於 1 月 12 日推出。至 1 月底,多啦 A 夢將換上俏皮新裝,在新一批限量單品上閃亮登場,慶賀辛丑 牛年。

系列將透過 Gucci 數碼平台及全球指定 Gucci 專門店進行推廣。品牌向互動數碼地圖上標示 位置的圖標取材的期間限定店 Gucci Pins,亦將為多個城市帶來精彩的購物體驗,讓人樂在 其中。

Gucci 2021 年農曆新年系列擁有專屬的可持續包裝物料,包括可完全回收再造的環保包裝袋 和吊牌,兩者同樣印有多啦 A 夢圖像,慶祝漫畫面世 50 周年。

這隻日本大人氣機械貓更將蒞臨澳洲、中國、香港、印度、日本、馬來西亞、新加坡、台灣、 泰國及越南的指定專門店,在外牆或對街裝置上矚目登場。此外,多啦 A 夢亦將成為上海和 香港 Gucci ArtWalls 的主角,在 GG 圖案前亮相,呼應別注系列的設計。

Gucci App則特別為企劃推出手遊,利用擴增實景技術(AR)將多啦A夢活現眼前。用家只需 掃描相關的Gucci ArtWalls及系列包裝,即可欣賞到心愛的卡通人物生動演出。

Gucci’s campaign for Chinese New Year celebrates the House’s dedicated collection featuring Japanese manga character Doraemon

To celebrate the upcoming Chinese New Year, commencing on February 12th and which heralds the Year of the Ox, Gucci’s Creative Director Alessandro Michele has imagined a dedicated collection of special items that feature the famous Japanese manga and anime character, Doraemon – the cat-type robot sent from the XXII century to help a young boy called Nobita Nobi with secret gadgets from his four-dimensional pouch. The resulting Doraemon X Gucci collaboration is also marking the manga’s 50th anniversary.

For the occasion, Doreamon takes the stage of the new Gucci Chinese New Year campaign shot by photographer Angelo Pennetta. This highly recognizable character becomes a companion who transforms everyday activities into joyful adventures. From having breakfast, to playing video games with friends or partying in the garden, the affable Doraemon in the role of an imaginary friend brings color into people’s lives.

The special collection for men and women featuring pop icon Doraemon in his classic blue color over the GG motif, across different product categories, will debut on January 12th. Later in the month of January, a new special and playful Doraemon‘s disguise, exclusively created in tribute to the year of the Ox, will be revealed.

The pieces will be promoted through Gucci’s digital channels and selected Gucci stores worldwide. Gucci Pins, the House’s ephemeral stores inspired by the pins seen on interactive digital maps, will also bring immersive shopping experiences to several cities.

The Gucci 2021 Chinese New Year Collection has its own sustainable packaging, which comprisesfully recyclablegreen bags and matching swing tickets referencing the 50th anniversary of the cartoon, all featuring Doraemon.

Furtherly under the spotlight, the Japanese manga character will take over selected store façades and street installations in different cities across Australia, China, Hong Kong, India, Japan, Malaysia, Singapore, Taiwan, Thailand and Vietnam. Doraemon will also be the star of two Gucci ArtWalls in Shanghai and Hong Kong, where he will pose over the GG motif, as in the collection.

Bespoke entertainment will be available on the Gucci App bringing Doraemon figure to life thanks to Augmented Reality. Scanning the Gucci ArtWalls and the dedicated packaging, users will discover a choreography by their favourite character.


Creative Director: Alessandro Michele

Art Director: Cristopher Simmonds

Photographer: Angelo Pennetta