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H Queen’s Unveils a New Round of Art Exhibitions

Launches Elevated Artistic Encounters Video Series to Promote Gallery Culture through Collaborating with Four Art Visionaries

Located in the heart of Central on Queen’s Road Central, H Queen’s is an art tower converging world-class galleries and art exhibitions. Their galleries David Zwirner, Pace Gallery, Tang Contemporary Art, and Whitestone Gallery present art exhibitions of diverse media and disciplines, featuring renowned contemporary artists from across the globe, which forges a vibrant art scene. Stepping into a new year, the four galleries at H Queen’s are hosting a new round of exhibitions, teaming up for new video series Elevated Artistic Encounters to introduce emerging artists and trending art to the public. To usher in Art Month in March, more world-class exhibitions will be unveiled to celebrate the annual art event with art aficionados together.

Contemplating on Life through Art: The Art Visionaries Reflect on the Connection Between Exhibitions and Art

Inaugurating the year, the four galleries at H Queen’s are currently presenting Neo Rauch: Field Signs, All Walks of Life, Wang Zhongjie Solo Exhibition: River Valley of Love and Debbie Reda: Masters. From realist to highly imaginative, the exhibitions invite everyone to contemplate on life, while exploring life and death with different viewpoints through art. In anticipation of the forthcoming Art Month 2024, H Queen’s will continue to support and launch specially curated exhibitions, offering visitors chances to get to know the most celebrated contemporary artists.

Meanwhile, H Queen’s is launching Elevated Artistic Encounters, a video series consisting of four short videos, in collaboration with the galleries. Led by four art visionaries at the helm of the industry – Koei Shiraishi, CEO of Whitestone Gallery, Zoe Tsang, Sales and Marketing Manager of Tang Contemporary Art, Vera Lam, art curator and Director of HART, and Yulia Yarkova, independent Hong Kong art journalist, they tour around exhibitions inside the art tower and share their connection to art, while the audience can gain insights into the galleries’ skilled presentation of various artists of different genres, their innovations at the venue, and how their artistic prospects nourish H Queen’s into a home for world-renowned exhibitions.

Koei Shiraishi, CEO of Whitestone Gallery: Art Exhibitions to Establish Genuine Connections

As one of the major players in the art industry and international art fairs, Mr. Koei Shiraishi believes putting on art exhibitions at H Queen’s is an exhilarating challenge for all artists. Founded in Tokyo, Japan, the Gallery continues the mission set by Shiraishi’s father at H Queen’s, and is dedicated to promoting contemporary Japanese art. Shiraishi firmly believes in the irreplaceable nature of physical exhibitions. The cultural dialogues, as well as the spatial and emotional relationship between viewers and each art piece, cannot be captured and experienced vividly in the virtual world, compared to the real-life appreciation of art.

Zoe Tsang, Sales and Marketing Manager of Tang Contemporary Art: Physical Art Exhibitions at Galleries Evoke Emotions as much as They Capture the Public’s Attention

Tsang considers the purpose of exhibitions as more than displaying artworks. They weave stories for the artworks through atmosphere, installation arrangements and lights, enabling the exhibits to evoke viewers’ inner emotions and the public’s attention. Tang Contemporary Art is dedicated to organising top-level exhibitions that connect international artists with the local public.

Vera Lam, Art Curator and Director of HART: Experience the Curators’ and Artists’ Vision at H Queen’s

As an experienced art curator, Lam envisions cultivating emerging artists and connecting a broader audience base to art pieces through exhibition curation. “A curator is a storyteller. My vision as a curator is to keep cultivating emerging artists, and use art as a medium to serve more purposes and communicate to a wider audience.” Lam found David Zwirner’s exhibition in March, Rirkrit Tiravanija: The Shop, particularly memorable. The artist replicated an umbrella repair shop, commonly found in Hong Kong as a form of observation of Hong Kong’s local daily life. Through physical exhibitions, curators can convey the messages in layers through experimental ways to display a wider range of media.

Yulia Yarkova, Independent Hong Kong Art Journalist: Physical Exhibitions as a Powerful Medium to Connect People, Ideas, and Environments, Ultimately Moving the Public

Yulia Yarkova has been actively supporting the development of local art and artists by writing and attending art exhibitions of all scales in Hong Kong over the past six years. For her, the best way to appreciate art is to create experiences for viewers to resonate with. She thinks Pace Gallery represents a diversity of artists with different backgrounds, cultures and styles, offering audiences chances to understand the contemporary art scene holistically. “Pace Gallery represents a wide range of diverse artists with different backgrounds, cultures and styles. Audiences have a chance to indulge in everything that the contemporary art scene presents, ranging from paintings, photographs to sculptures and more. Conveniently located right in the centre of a Central district, Pace Gallery shares space with other internationally renowned galleries.”

Art inspires precious life experiences. H Queen’s continues to join hands with the pioneering art galleries to infuse art with business space, inciting the public to care for their surroundings through artworks, amidst a fast pace. The Elevated Artistic Encounters video series delves into the perspectives of the four representatives, providing a renewed vision in art with every visit.

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