6 Jul 2024 By May Ng

Health-forward Treats and Gifts for Mid-Autumn


Celebrate Mid-Autumn Festival with The Cakery’s better-for-you mooncakes, treats and hampers. Crafted with the finest natural ingredients, these indulgent offerings promise an unforgettable tasting experience.

Indulge in the Vegan Mini Mooncake Box Set (6 pieces – HK$428) which features a trio of flavors that cater to the most discerning palates: the nutty Black Sesame Lava boasts incredible richness and dark color while the Red Date Mochi offers a sweet, chewy texture and and the Pistachio Mochi, is bursting with the natural, rich’s flavor of the premium nut. The mooncake box itself is a testament to The Cakery’s commitment to sustainability, crafted from eco-friendly materials and adorned with a frosted gold ginkgo leaf design.

For a truly show stopping masterpiece, The Cakery has designed the magnificent Mooncake Cake (HK$588 for 4″, HK$888 for 6″ ) – a larger-than-life interpretation of the beloved mooncake tradition. Customers can choose from a selection of delightful flavors, including apple crumble, lemon tea, and wild strawberry. Catering to various dietary needs, The Cakery offers organic, vegan, and gluten-free versions of the mooncakes.

Delight the senses with the playful Lantern and Gold Ball Cake Pops (HK$90 and HK$65 respectively), featuring a rich, smooth chocolate cake base coated in white chocolate. Complement the celebration with the adorable Mid Autumn Bunny Cupcake and Lantern Cupcake (HK$65 each) . Mid Autumn Bunny Cupcakes  feature an organic vanilla cupcake base topped with creamy vanilla buttercream, and is playfully adorned with a charming rabbit topper. The Lantern Cupcake is made with vegan Earl Grey lemon cake and finished with a zesty lemon ganache frosting and traditional lantern decoration.

To cater to diverse gifting needs, The Cakery presents a selection of carefully curated hampers. The Special Edition Palmier Gift Set (HK$248), featuring a box of 16 mixed palmiers in chocolate, matcha, salted caramel and hot pepper flavors, makes for an indulgent and thoughtful gift for any occasion. For those seeking a healthier alternative, The Cakery’s No-Added-Sugar Collection (HK$298) is an ideal gift. This cookie box is filled with an assortment of signature flavors, including the Original cookie, Double Chocolate Chip Almond cookie, Raisin & Almond cookie, and Lemon & Berries Tea cookie.  Each cookie is crafted with care to ensure a satisfying sweet experience without the added sugar, making it a thoughtful present for health-conscious individuals who don’t want to compromise on taste.

For a more decadent gift, The Cakery introduces the Mid Autumn Delight Hamper (HK$888), including a Sugar-Free Cookie Box, Mid-Autumn Lantern and Gold Ball Cake Pops,Chocolate Chip & Pistachio Granola Mooncakes,  and Black Sesame Lava and Red Date mooncakes. It provides a tasteful selection that captures the essence of the Mid-Autumn season, offering a delightful mix of flavors and textures. For those seeking to elevate their gifting to new heights, the Mid Autumn Gourmet Hamper (HK$1,388) is the perfect choice. This premium collection includes all items from the Mid Autumn Delight Hamper, along with a full Mooncake Set, a bottle of Red Wine and Mixed Nuts, creating a comprehensive gourmet experience that is both indulgent and sophisticated. For guests in search of a super luxurious gift, The Cakery’s Deluxe Mid Autumn Festival Hamper (HK$1,988)  stands out as the premier choice. It not only includes the contents of both the Mid Autumn Delight and Gourmet Hampers but also adds an Assorted Palmier Gift Box, Coconut & Pumpkin Seed Granola and Poppin Raisin. These exclusive additions ensure an unparalleled presentation of luxury and taste.

Mid Autumn Vegan Mini Mooncake Box Set and Hampers are available at an early bird 15% discount from today to July 31. Thereafter, shoppers will enjoy 10% off from August 1 to September 7. Mid-Autumn collection will be available for pick up from August 26 to September 15. Visit Website https://www.thecakery.com/collections/mid-autumn