Hermès Lignes sensibles

The genesis of Hermès high jewellery lies in a drawing.

A line, a volume and a form are at the origin of each piece, and at the heart of the artistic process for the creative director of jewellery, Pierre Hardy.

This fundamental and uncompromising approach is central to the uniqueness of Hermès jewellery.

Its confident style stands out as much for the beauty of the gemstones as for the way that light is harnessed like material in its own right.

The jewellery not only embellishes the body, it gives it a language, accompanies its movements and expresses freedom.

Lignes sensibles is a true manifesto presented by Pierre Hardy with gracious radicality.

This very contemporary and incredibly free-spirited collection goes as far as inventing a second skin.

Circuits, drop stones and intricate geometric forms evoke organic cartography and compose a sensual world in which the body is exalted.


More than simply wearing a piece of jewellery, it asserts a personal truth.

The collection’s necklaces, bracelets, brooches and rings are suffused with an impression of sensuality in which the skin guides the art of jewellery.

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