Hermès Watch Arceau Pocket Aaaaargh!One-of-a-kind creation

Leather craftsmanship meets Haute Horlogerie to create a unique pocket watch, featuring the T-Rex from the Aaaaargh! silk scarf designed by Alice Shirley.

Beating to the rhythm of the Manufacture H1924 minute-repeater and tourbillon movement,

the Arceau Pocket Aaaaargh! frames a refined white enamel dial,protected by a cover adorned with a tyrannosaurus composed of marquetry and leather mosaic.

The design of the tyrannosaurus, which appears to be peeking through a porthole, stands out against the cover and involves a combination of several demanding skills.

The head and scales are made in leather mosaic:  thousands of finely hand-cut multicoloured leather fragments are applied one by one to faithfully reproduce the original pattern.

The domed eye of the dinosaur, visible on both sides of the cover, is made of cabochon cut Grand Feu enamel.

Finally, the jaw and tongue are crafted in leather marquetry: fine tesserae are cut from various coloured leathers, previously thinned to just 0.5 mm, before being juxtaposed on the enamel base.

Setting the final touch to this miniaturised leather artwork, a matt green alligator leather cord-strap is secured to the rectangular stirrup and accentuates the overall design.

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