Hermès Wood Marquetry

The Slim d’Hermès and Arceau watch lend themselves to a new expression of expertise: Wood Marquetry.

To transpose these complex volumes and curves to the scale of a dial, Hermès craftsmen begin by miniaturising the motif.

They then select the essence and colour of the material that will serve as a medium of expression – a blend of precious woods.

Wood such as Macassar amaranth and ebony – and rare, like chestnut, yellow pear and madrona burr for Slim d’Hermès Pégase Paysage watch (12-piece limited), and tulipwood for Arceau Astrologie Nouvelle watch (8-piece limited).


The various woods are thus chosen for their shades close to the original design, but also for their specific grain, perfectly adapted to the meticulous art ofWood Marquetry.

The artisan cuts out the multitude of tiny elements forming the pattern, before assembling them like a jigsaw puzzle, gluing them in place and finishing them by sanding and varnishing.

Three weeks of work are necessary to create a dial.