16 Jan 2023 By May Ng

Hibernicis Launches in Hong Kong A Luxurious New Bath and Body Care Brand from Ireland

– Inspired by History, Enriched by Nature

Hibernicis, (pronounced HI BER NI KIS) launches a range of skincare designed to support and replenish the body and mind’s wellbeing. Hibernicis is inspired by the wild and untouched Connemara on the west coast of Ireland and uses natural resources, including seaweed, from the surrounding Atlantic coasts.

Glan (clean) Bath + Shower Gel (pronounced GLAN) | (HK$390/ 250ml).
Athlíon (replenish) Body Lotion (pronounced ATH LE ON) | (HK$690/ 250ml).
Síoda (silk) Body Serum (pronounced SHE O DA) | (HK$690/ 110ml
Úr (new) Exfoliating Gel (pronounced OOR) | (HK$390/ 250ml)