Highly Flexible Payment Option from Mercedes- Benz

Since its launch in 2015, the flexible Agility has been popular among Mercedes-Benz owners in Hong Kong. More than 50% of the brand’s models are available under the Agility, which smartly combines flexibility with peace of mind.

A trendsetter in the Hong Kong market with its advanced technologies and high quality products, Mercedes-Benz started another revolution in ownership experience in 2015, when the innovative Agility was introduced.

Mercedes-Benz C 250 BlueTEC,

The Agility offers an attractive way to own a Mercedes-Benz under a payment option with low monthly payments and high flexibility. By the end of the contract period, the plan offers high flexibility with three options: Retain, Return, or Upgrade. Customers may retain, return or trade in their current vehicles at the Guaranteed Future Value.

The Agility allows instant freedom and convenience of owning a Mercedes-Benz under a flexibile payment option with very affordable monthly payment, while the Guaranteed Future Value at the end of the plan offers peace of mind all along.

Now, with the Agility, customers can own the latest E 200 saloon with monthly payment of less than HK$ 8,000 and for the C 200, the monthly payment is less than HK$6,300. The plan also covers some major Mercedes-Benz models in the A- Class, B-Class, C-Class, CLA, GLA, E-Class, GLE and smart forfour.