CAYU launches 3 Series, “The Mood”, “The Sweets” and “The Whisky”. Each box set includes 6 carefully selected drip bag coffees.  “The Mood” invites you to enjoy coffee depending on your mood, from “Feeling Blue” to “Cloud Nine”.  “The Sweets” tempts you to indulge in your sweet tooth without any of the calories. Finally, The Whisky introduces whisky barrel-aged coffee from 12-21 weeks, a rare find in Hong Kong.

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CAYU refers to a beautiful and independent woman; she has the most joyful smile and always stays fit. She enjoys her life, but she also works hard. So this is CAYU, aiming to look for premier quality and speciality coffee; indulging in “Creme Brulee”, “Birthday Cake” and “Banana Split” flavoured coffee without intaking excessive calories. The first three drip bag coffee series to launch are “The Mood”, “The Sweets” and “The Whisky”. Detailed coffee information (such as origin, variety and roasted level) is printed on the individual packing so that we can exchange feedback among coffee lovers, so to arouse everyone’s curiosity and continue to discover fun and excitement.

As the name suggests, let’s taste different coffee according to your mood and let coffee be the best friend there for you. If you are “Feeling Blue” on Mondays, have a cup of Mandheling to ease into the day and charge yourself up to start the week of work. When work begins to pile up, and the deadline is approaching, “Butterfly In Stomach” knows your anxiety and prescribes a cup of Kenya AA Top to calm yourself down. Finally, you have completed a big project, and you are definitely “On Cloud Nine” and deserve a cup of Colombia Geisha to extend your happiness, or you may also choose Colombia Purple Caturra to feel “Pumped Up”. Sometimes you may want to “Hit the Ceiling” when seeing any
unfairness around, then Colombia Pink Bourbon comes at the right time. After all these ups and downs, I do wish you can “Take It Easy” and do yourself a cup of Panama Caturra and take rest.

This series is definitely for someone adventurous yet with a girlish heart, and of course, a dessert lover. CAYU brings US coffee culture into this series by adding different dessert flavourings to the coffee beans. “Banana Split” with the aroma of banana, chocolate and vanilla; “Birthday Cake” with the scent of vanilla and creamy butter and “Crème Brulee” with the smell of caramel, custard and cream. All these coffees have no calories; fantastic news to people who have a love- hate relationship with desserts.

Being CAYU’s star product, we would like to introduce whisky barrel coffee to you. Drip bag using coffee bean that has been aged in the whisky barrel for weeks, and rotated daily to ensure every single bean absorbs the essence in the barrel and gains whisky aroma. The whisky barrel we used is Single Malt Whisky, Auchentoshan origin from Lowlands in Scotland. By getting this series, you will experience coffee with beans aged in the whisky barrels for 12, 18 and 21 weeks. This process is carried out in Scotland, and only a small amount of beans are produced in every single batch; hence this is very precious.


BAUHAUS aims to bring art back into contact with everyday life with minimalist style and honest materials. CAYU Coffee would like to achieve the same, bringing coffee to your daily life with no other tools needed but a cup of hot water. Remove the packing, pour hot water into drip bag and enjoy a cup of nice coffee anywhere anytime. It is just so simple and straightforward.

You may notice one of our signature designs is inspired by the eyesight test chart. Ridden with a hidden message, the inside joke alludes that after taking a sip of CAYU coffee, you could even read the smallest letter in the last row of the chart.

The CAYU box is designed as drawer style, meaning even as they are stacked, the drip bags in the box placed at the bottom can be easily taken out. You can also reuse the CAYU