HUGO BOSS Mask production at HUGO BOSS production facilities

Being a clothing manufacturer with the knowledge and capability to do something for the greater good, we have decided to take decisive action. Therefore, HUGO BOSS has dedicated its clothing production site at its global headquarters in Metzingen to the manufacture of face masks, which will be donated to public facilities. In the coming weeks, HUGO BOSS will manufacture 180,000 masks.

The face masks are crafted in a cotton-blend material that can be washed and reused at least 50 times. These masks are not for clinical use. However, they can be used in other settings, such as in nursing homes, fire departments, and by police.

We would like to thank our partners and all teams involved – especially the team in the production facilities.

We are delighted that our license partner for fragrances Coty will manufacture hand sanitizers to additionally combat shortages due to the coronavirus.

HUGO BOSS德國麥琴根廠房投入生口罩

作為一家服裝製造企業,HUGO BOSS擁有專業的知識及能力為社會付出努力。面對疫情,我們希望能夠採取積極果斷的行動。 HUGO BOSS位於德國麥琴根(Metzingen)總部的服裝廠房已投入生產口罩,並將捐贈給公共機構。

在接下來的幾星期,HUGO BOSS預計能製造18萬個口罩,以應付疫情的急切需求。