14 Dec 2023 By May Ng

Hyatt Hotels in Australia & New Zealand Elevate the Sleep Experience for Guests’ Wellbeing

In today’s hyper-paced, stress-laden world, catching those elusive Zs — vital for one’s health and wellbeing — poses quite the stylish challenge. Enter the scene, the 11 Hyatt hotels across Australia and New Zealand, introducing a sleep experience that’s not just a service but a holistic journey. Exclusive offers accompany this chic remedy, curated to help guests unwind, shed stress like last season’s trends, and bask in the glow of a rejuvenating night’s sleep.

For Hyatt, caring for individuals to bring out their absolute best isn’t just a mantra; it’s ingrained in their fashionable DNA. Beyond providing a mere night’s stay, Hyatt hotels are the fashion-forward architects of happiness, health, and fulfillment. Picture this: unique offerings, meticulously curated, woven seamlessly into every touchpoint, creating an experience that’s not just a stay, but a lifestyle.

“At Hyatt, we place wellbeing at the heart of our business and our guest experiences. The new sleep experience offered by Hyatt hotels in Australia and New Zealand is a prime example of how Hyatt hotels are dedicated to providing guests a great night’s stay while also supporting them on their personal wellbeing journeys,” shared Carina Chorengel, Senior Vice President – Commercial, Asia Pacific, Hyatt.

Sleep at Hyatt Ritual Pack
100% natural iKOU products proudly Australian-made in the pristine UNESCO World Heritage Listed Blue Mountains.
Dreamers Sleep Eyewear
In an exclusive collaboration with Dreamers International LLC, Dreamers Sleep Glasses

Sleep Tips and Meditation at sleepathyatt.com

With the new sleepathyatt.com website, guests and World of Hyatt members can enjoy 24/7 access to exclusive resources specifically designed to foster better sleep. World of Hyatt members get access to a one month’s free trial of Headspace when they download the World of Hyatt App, offering mindfulness exercises, guided meditations and new premium coloured noise content made available as part of the recently expanded collaboration between Hyatt and Headspace.