Hyatt Regency TST – The Chinese Restaurant Presents Chinese New Year Lucky Dishes

Celebrate Lunar New Year with family and friends at The Chinese Restaurant of Hyatt Regency Hong Kong, Tsim Sha Tsui. Chef de Cuisine Wong Ho Kan is delighted to introduce an array of prosperous festive delicacies for diners to usher in the Lunar New Year, available from now to 28 February 2021.

Feast on Chef Wong’s tempting recommendations with a starter of Abalone Lo Hei with turnip, carrots, cucumber, young ginger, melon, bell peppers and peanuts, topped with a homemade sauce. This is a refreshing and popular treat also known as “Prosperity Toss”, which is believed to bring prosperity to the upcoming new year. Pamper family and friends with premium and auspicious dried seafood during Lunar new year, the Mini dried seafood combination is another must-try dish, which features abalone, semi-dried oysters, black mushrooms, dried scallops, sea moss and turnip.

Many Chinese follow the custom of abstaining from meat and eating vegetarian food on Lunar New Year’s Day.Bamboo pith stuffed with pea shoots and pumpkin soup is an impressive and nourishing vegetarian delicacy perfect for this occasion, with bamboo pith symbolising the blessing of health and safety.

Fish and shellfish are part and parcel of a sumptuous Chinese New Year feast. Enjoy the flavoursome Wok-fried tiger prawns with red onions, mushrooms and Shanghainese rice cake slices, with the symbolic meaning of vigour and vitality for the new year. The use of rice wine dregs, ketchup and chili bean pastes add an extra savour to the dish. Steamed spotted garoupa fillet with crab meat, egg white and carrot puree is another dish not to be missed. The rich and colourful carrot puree is a truly appetising treat, while fish offers the blessing of surplus for the year.

Other festive delicacies include Braised pork knuckle with sea moss and vegetables, Braised e-fu noodles with crab meat, crab roe and egg and Sweetened red bean soup with glutinous dumpling.

The Chinese Restaurant combines modern art deco design masterfully blended with the essence of a traditional 1920s tea house, serving authentic Cantonese dishes. Two private rooms are available to guests’ use as well.


–       Prices are subject to a 10% service charge.

–       Promotion is subject to change and government mandated restrictions on dine-in services.