Hyatt Regency TST – The Chinese Restaurant Presents Traditional Hakka Specialties

The Hakka community in Hong Kong has over 300 years of history and originates from China’s Central Plains region.Today, Hakka people comprise around 20% of the Hong Kong population, and Hakka specialties are some of the most celebrated Chinese dishes in Hong Kong. From 1 March to 31 May 2021, Chef de Cuisine Wong Ho Kan is bringing an array of traditional Hakka specialities to the diners of The Chinese Restaurant.

The early Hakka immigrants laboured hard on farms, and thus, their meals tended to be hearty and heavy. Hakka cuisine has salty and robust flavours. Rice, pork, tofu and soy sauce are the most commonly used ingredients, while rice wine, ginger, garlic and salt are commonly used for food preservation and seasoning.

Steamed dried scallops and white radish meatballs with dried shrimp is a common home-cooked dish of the Hakka clans that requires complex crafting and is, thus, seldom found in the Hong Kong dining scene. First, shredded turnips are marinated and squeezed thoroughly by hand to remove excess water. The shredded turnips are then mixed with mushrooms, minced pork, dried scallops and potato flour before being shaped into delicate meatballs by hand.The meatballs are then topped with tiny bits of dicedpumpkin, soup stock and deep-fried scallop shreds and steamed for 15 minutes.

Stewed pork belly with dried bamboo shoots and pickled mustard greens is another delectable Hakka dish that’s not to be missed. The red-braised cooking method gives the dish a rich umami flavour, while the melt-in-your-mouth pork belly is perfectly balanced by dried bamboo shoots and homemade pickled mustard greens.


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