Hyatt TST – Cafe Presents A Taste of Asia Themed Buffet


Sail to the south towards Malaysia. Revel in the rich and vibrant Bak kut teh, an herb-rich pork rib soup with a soya sauce base, ideal for casting summer humidityfrom the body. Gula melaka is a Malaysian confectionery made of sago pudding, coconut and palm sugar syrup. It is a brown delight with a rich aroma and a beautiful caramel taste.


Adjacent to Malaysia is Singapore, which is well-known for its seafood dishes.Laksa rice noodles with seafood, curry and coconut broth is an everyday food among Singaporeans and is commonly found in local hawker centres. Another speciality also commonly found in the country’s hawker centres and restaurants isWok-fried cereal prawns, which are doused in a rich combination of butter, crushed and toasted cereals, curry leaves and chili. The dish is crunchy anddelivers a burst of umami.


Further to the west is India, well-known for its diverse use of spices in its cuisine. Authentically prepared by Cafe’s Indian chef, Butter chicken curry is one of the most popular curries around the world, featuring aromatic golden pieces of chickenin an incredible creamy curry sauce. Lamb lovers should not miss Lamb kadai, the famous north Indian curry made with ginger, butter and cream. Goan fish curry is a famous fish curry from Goa, west of India. It is a red fish curry made with coconut, tamarind, ginger, garlic and spices. It tastes tangy and spicy and leaves you craving more. At the dessert counter, discover the soft and juicy Gulab jamun, an Indian deep-fried doughnut with rose water syrup.

Apart from the themed buffet delicacies, guests can also enjoy a sumptuous range of seafood on ice. Dinner buffet guests can enjoy unlimited whole live sustainable Boston lobster served to guests’ orders.