Hyatt TST – Embrace Springtime with Cafe’s Blooming Japan Themed Buffet and Unlimited Poached Live Boston Lobster

From now to 30 June 2021, celebrate the beautiful season of spring with family and friends as the culinary team at Cafe serves up the Blooming Japan Themed Buffet, featuring a delicious range of Japanese seasonal delicacies at action stations, as well as a tempting array of sakura-inspired desserts. Cafe’s renowned poached live whole Boston lobster with unlimited serving also returns to the dinner buffet dining scene.

Discover a Whole handline caught yellowfin tuna weighing around 30kg at the action counter. Sample fresh and scrumptious Sushi, Sashimi and Poke bowls skilfully prepared with this wild yellowfin tuna, along with a comprehensive selection of cold seafood on ice.

Spring is the best time of the year to taste young and fresh bamboo shoots. Tender with a mellow sake aroma, the special seasonal Sake flambéed bamboo shoots made to order at the teppanyaki station are meant to be savoured. The restaurant’s popular Teppanyaki flambéed foie gras with apricot on toast is also on offer.

Explore a range of Japanese-style delicacies at the grill station, such as Kombu baked salmon with yuzu kosho, as well as the succulent Roasted misobrined whole chicken, a local Three Yellow Chicken marinated with miso, sake and mirin.

Taking the centre stage is the dessert counter nicely set up with sakura trees. Dive into a range of Cafe’s signature Swiss rolls prepared with Japanese seasonal flavours. The Insta-perfect Sakura Swiss roll has a natural sakura-pink glaze topped with salted sakura flowers. It consists of sakura paste and Japanese white bean puree. The refreshing and delightful Yuzu Swiss roll is comprised of cream filling blended with Japanese yuzu puree and paste, and is perfect for spring. Infusing one of the most popular mandarin orange varieties in Japan, the filling in the Mikan Swiss roll is composed of Japanese mikan paste, sauce, purees and peels, while the roll is topped with mikan slices. It has a perfect balance of sweetness and tanginess. Green tea lovers should not miss the Green tea Swiss roll. Its unique fresh aroma and sharp green tea taste is perfectlycomplemented by the sweet cream filling made of red bean paste.

Other sakura-infused desserts include Sakura yokan, a type of traditional Japanese confectionery made of agar, Japanese white bean paste, sakura paste and is topped with salted sakura flowers. Guests can also indulge in Sakura mochi, wrapped in an edible sakura leaf with a red bean filling. Upon guests’ request, the chef will also serve Sakura ice cream monaka, a traditional Japanese sweet delight with two crispy wafers sandwiching sakura jelly and sakura ice cream.

Sample the true taste of one of the world’s finest shellfish during dinner buffet. Cafe’s signature unlimited whole live Boston lobster experience returns, poached to guests’ orders. Do not miss out on the paired homemade sauces to elevate the taste of freshness!

Apart from seasonal Japanese delicacies, Cafe also serves an impressive range of freshly made delicacies at different live cooking stations, ranging from freshly sliced sashimi and sushi, tempura and a fine selection of fresh pastas and pizzas to authentic curries and fresh naan breads, an array of Western antipasti, salads, cold cuts and seafood on ice, as well as homemade desserts.