22 Nov 2022 By May Ng

I’m dreaming of a LYMA Christmas

The Gift of Transformation

Why shouldn’t this be your time to shine?

Sometimes circumstances conspire to dim our radiance. This season, with our experts and community, we’d like to invite you on a journey to rediscover your inner light.

We all have a light inside us, sometimes we just need a little help to find it.

The LYMA Laser offers total skin transformation, targeting more skin conditions than any other at-home device, and it’s the world’s most powerful FDA cleared clinic-grade cosmetic laser for home use. The laser’s ultimate reach penetrates even the deepest layers of skin, fat and muscle tissue, optimising cellular growth, regeneration and repair. The unrivalled power of the LYMA Laser means that it is up to 100x more effective than LED devices.

The LYMA Laser completely transforms fine lines and wrinkles, scarring, pigmentation, rosacea, acne and bruising. And unlike other lasers, it is safe to use and just as effective on darker skin tones.

When used at home for twenty minutes daily, clinical trials have shown a reduction in pigmentation by 64%, rosacea by 42%, acne by 56% and wrinkle depth by 53.8% in just five weeks. But that is only part of the story. Over time, the bio-stimulation restores cell function and actually reverses the skin aging process.

The LYMA Laser Starter Kit is HK$20,999, available from http://www.lyma.life/ and JOYCE Beauty. This includes the LYMA Laser and a 30-day supply of LYMA Active Mist and Priming Serum to ensure you get the most from your laser. The LYMA Active Mist and Priming Serum are available on subscription for approximately HK$1,239 per month.