In Bloom Blumarine Spring Summer 2015 collection

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Pictorial atmospheres: nature and artifice united in the quest for personal beauty.

A vibrant energy pervades the Blumarine Spring Summer 2015 collection.
The romantic spirit, decorative taste and sense of blooming femininity, characteristic of the house, are seen through a new lens, which magnifies it while purifying it.

The collection has an essential dynamism, enhanced by the multiplication of prints, jacquard and embroideries, by the explosions of colors, the swirl of materials, textures and transparencies, the electric alternation of natural and artificial, organic and pure.

The angle is graphic, but warm.
The silhouette, neat and airy, reveals the body but barely touches it: top as oversized t-shirts, dresses as tanktops, small skirts hanging on the hips and long impalpable dresses light up in permutations that seduce the eye and stimulate touch.

The purity of the lines and the accuracy of the design enhance the textures.
Always alive and irregular, they swarm in decorative 3D interventions: polychrome thread embroideries, sequin applications, intarsia, jacquards, broderies on tulle, glossy inserts.
They draw three-dimensional flowers that seem to bloom from the fabric, branches that are laid on transparencies.

Rich colors alternate with graphic black & white, firm short lines with flowing long ones, glossy with opaque creating a balance of contrasts that enhances and free the feminine figure, while keeping a fresh touch of romanticism.
Fabrics are impalpable, colors softly rich in contrasts: shades of pale pink, mint, bright accents of yellow, pink, blue, graphic black and white.

The accessories – metallic flat sandals, bracelets encrusted with colored stones – punctuate the image with strong signs.

The message is precise: reality, with a dash of magic.
Just like in a Martial Raysse painting.

Spring Summer 2015
HAIR James Pecis for Moroccanoil
MAKE-UP Tom Pecheux and the M •A•C PRO team – NAILS Keri Blair for
M •A•C – Make-up provided by M•A•C
SOUNDTRACK Sébastien Perrin
PRODUCTION Alessandra Olcese, Random