In the mix Stackability by Chaumet / Chaume

Mix-and-match bracelets, stacked rings, layered necklaces… Chaumet jewellery offers an invitation to playful creativity. Golds and medleys of stones combine to compose singular adornments, with a sense of personal identity, to be worn as a second skin.

A contemporary variation based around the imperial symbol of the bee, the Bee My Love collection is enriched with new pieces featuring the honeycomb motif. Supple necklaces, pendants and earrings can be paired on a whim with rings and bracelets in graphic compositions.

Garnet red and soft pink quartz, pearls and diamonds, pink and grey gold … Inspired by the personality of the Empress, who freely revisited and appropriated the codes of fashion, Joséphine, Chaumet’s iconic collection, is a fertile source of fantasy.

From occasion to occasion, from year to year, the Chaumet Liens celebrate the symbolic bonds that unite people, lovers, friends and relatives. In white gold, pink gold, or boldly playing with colour, bracelets and rings come together to celebrate the strength of relationships that only deepen and develop over time.