Interview of Peter Philips

Global Creative Director of Chanel Makeup

What was your inspiration for the look of this show?
« Focus on the eyes ! Karl showed me a sketch which set the tone. I decided that the models would have deep, dark smoky eyes. 
I was inspired by the graphic design of the decor, a black and white French garden, to create a look of contrasts. A black, not that black, and a white, not that white. A makeup with a play on lights and reflexions, very graphic dark and white lines, with small touches of fresh and luminous colours.

On the eyes I used the darker shade of the « 4 Ombres – Regard Perlé » from the Spring 2011 collection « Les Perles de CHANEL ». The intensity of the pearly black and the black-grey-green reflections of this eye shadow accentuate the luminosity of the eye and work well with the changing tones of the accessories.
The eyelashes are curled with the «Recourbe cils de CHANEL » and coated with the « Mascara Inimitable Waterproof Noir ». The eyebrows are sculptured with the new « Crayons Sourcils ».

The models faces are made up with the foundation « Pro Lumière » which gives a professional natural satin-like makeup effect, while respecting the models’ skin-tones. The temples are polished with « Poudre Lumière Perlée » from the collection « Tourbillon d’Eclat » (Specific for Asia) so as to make them more luminous. Applied between the blush and the eye shadow, it enhances the intensity of the smoky eyes.

To evoke the freshness of a stroll in a garden, a touch of blush « Joues Contraste- Espiègle » (Spring 2011 Collection) is applied to the cheeks.

On the lips, the new lipstick « Rouge Coco Shine – Boy» brings a dash of tender pink, giving a subtle dewy-lip effect.

To accentuate the very graphic intention of the makeup, I chose for the feet ´ Le Vernis- Pearl Drop ª, a pearly white with golden sparkles which fits perfectly with the white marble gravels, and on the hands, « Le Vernis – Black Pearl ª which gives the impression that the models have grey pearls at the tips of their fingers. (Both these nail polishes are part of the Spring 2011 Collection « Les Perles de CHANEL »).

A vertical black line was drawn at the root of the hair with the liquid eye-liner « Ecriture de CHANEL » giving the final signature