15 Oct 2021 By May Ng

Intral Daily Rescue Serum – “Little Pink Bottle”

Instantly Soothes Discomforts and Visibly Reduces The Look of Irritation

The Philosophy of Parisian Skincare Brand DARPHIN

DARPHIN was founded by Pierre Darphin, a master botanist with a lifelong dedication to the pursuit of scientifically-proven botanical efficacy. In 1958, he opened the first beauty center for people seeking solutions to skin problems. Inspired by the secrets of the French royal family using aromatherapy oils to maintain the skin, he collected the most active parts of the flowers and developed a series of high-concentration flowers to bring significant repair effects to the skin. Today, DARPHIN still adheres to his philosophy of skincare and satisfies women’s desire for luxury skincare.

The Iconic “Little Pink Bottle” Intral Daily Rescue Serum

Intral Daily Rescue Serum, also known as the  “Little Pink Bottle”, is the first product developed since the brand was founded in 1958, and has been the most iconic product ever since then. Initial symptoms of sensitive skinoften occur to people in today’s world – including redness, dryness, inflammation, itchiness , oily T-zone and irritations.   Intral Daily Serum caters not only to initially sensitive skin, but also seasonal allergies and maskne skin.  It strengthens skin barrier while providing moisture for a more radiant and healthy- looking skin.

The Combination of Highly Effective Formula and Technology

A combination of Peony, Chamomile and Hawthorn of natural origin, the Calm Complex instantly soothes discomforts and visibly reduces the look of irritation. In two hours, the ultra-lightweight, fast absorbing texture deeply penetrates 18 layers into the skin and improves immediate moisture levels by 247%*. Skin is revitalized, softened and the complexion becomes more even. Use every morning and night, it works to combat the effects of pollution and
stress to reveal healthy-looking, beautiful skin.

*Clinical testing on 25 women

^ According to the test results of 103 Asian women aged 18 to 55, 89% felt that their skin was immediately soothed and calmed

Special Offer – HERO Intral Daily Rescue Serum Gift Set

Darphin has launched a gift set for the iconic product – “Little Pink Bottle”. It collaborates with Hong Kong’s renowned boy group Mirror’s member Anson Kong and actress Yanny Chan to film commercials for this campaign. Customers who purchase the HERO Intral Daily Rescue Serum Gift Set will receive 3 limited edition postcards of Anson Kong. The set includes the iconic product – “Little Pink Bottle” Intral Daily Rescue Serum and a 5-pieces sample set, which can soothe redness, enhance skin barrier and deeply moisturize the skin, leaving the skin moisturized and healthy. It caters to an all-rounded skin care routine, from removing makeup to brightening eyes and repairing. It is especially suitable for people
who are suffering from sensitive skin.

AK Birthday Promotion – Pop-up Flower Store

As Anson Kong’s birthday is on the 16 October, starting from October 13-19, Darphin will be setting up a pop-up flower store to celebrate it at the Harbour City store. Upon any purchase over $1,800 (inclusive of Intral Daily Rescue Serum), customer will receive the same bouquet in Anson Kong & Yanny’s video (value $600), a trial set with 5 products (value $980) and a postcard of Anson Kong. This set is limited to 250 sets. To celebrate Anson Kong’s birthday, 29 postcards with Anson’s signature will be distributed randomly! Darphin has also prepared an Anson Kong standee for everyone to take photo with him. Come and visit the Harbour City store during the above period!

HERO Intral Daily Rescue Serum Gift Set
Energizes, brighten and deep moisturize with a 6-piece set

Intral Daily Rescue Serum 75ml
Aromatic Cleansing Balm with Rosewood 5ml
Intral De-Puffing Anti-Oxidant Eye Cream 5ml
Chamomile Aromatic Care 4ml
Intral Daily Rescue Serum 3ml
Intral Active Stabilizing Lotion 3ml
Darphin Large Pouch
Limited Edition Anson Kong Postcard x3

Value HK$1,160
Special HK$800