Introducing New Additions to the Panthère de Cartier Family

The Contemporary Feline Expression of Modern Aesthetic and Sensual Femininity

The Cartier panther distinguishes a style by its phenomenal and modern presence. Panthère de Cartier collection exudes class and character, making a graceful statement for sophisticated women. Playful, gentle, wild, sensual or kinetic, Cartier panther offers a range of surprises, its arresting charm resonated with the headstrong and spirited women, loyal to its audacious and sophisticated jewellery aura.

Panthère de Cartier Jewellery Novelties

Panthère de Cartier collection represents a style that defies boundaries, it speaks to cultured women blessed with great taste. As a delicate jewellery and timepiece for daily wear and every occasion, its elegance elevates any look, reflecting their dazzling presence. Following the launch of 18K yellow gold and white gold creations, the collection unveils its latest iteration of the bracelet and ring in 18K pink gold.

Révélation d’une Panthère Watch Novelties

The new Révélation d’une Panthère watch is a reflection of Cartier’s creativity and inventiveness, uniting the exceptional forms of expertise by combining phenomenal craftsmanship with the sophisticated aesthetics of the Panther, an ephemeral work of art for art’s sake.

The iconic Cartier Panther is revealed in an instant in a feat of watchmaking magic that conjures the hourglass, an eternal allegory of the passage of time. When moving the wrist, around 650 brilliant cut diamonds fall, mapping a meticulous trajectory across the surface of the dial, gradually revealing a powerful presence.



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