23 Jul 2023 By May Ng

Introducing the Trendsetting Levi’s COOL Collection for Summer Fashion

Let’s stay cool and fashionable in the summer heat!

For 2023 Spring and Summer season, Levi’s® once again launches its Performance Cool collection, which features lightweight, breathable denim engineered for comfort. This summer join Levi’s® to discover the new Levi’s® Performance Cool collection, and unlock more refreshing, cool and sharp looks. Dress cool, stay cool and being cool!

Blue denim not only perfectly fits the summer palette but also creates a comfy and stylish look for various occasions. The Levi’s® Performance Cool collection continues to be functional and wearable, with lightweight and breathable fabrics that are soft and comfortable. This season’s collection offers a wide range of denim pieces, including jeans, denim skirts, denim vests, work shirts and summer T-shirts. Light wash denim brings a fresh and comfortable summer look.

In this season’s men’s collection, the simple khaki work shirt matches with jeans for a youthful look. The denim vest, camo sweater, and lake-blue short sleeve T-shirt provide a richer layering option. Pants are available in Levi’s® classic 502 and 512 slim fit, and Levi’s® 405 standard shorts. 

The light denim shirts in the women’s collection can be perfectly mixed with the sea and blue sky, while camo shirts add more color and vibrance. The loose cut is paired with a shorter design for a contrasting visual appeal. Together with Levi’s® BAGGY DAD pants and indigo denim skirts, the collection brings more cool summer options to denim girls.

This summer, when temperatures rise, don’t let the heat get you down. Follow Levi’s® for more cool looks and cool experience. Levi’s® Performance Cool Collection is now available for purchase. 

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