Introduction to terre d’Oc French Orgainic Brand

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The French organic brand terre d’Oc is a synonym with tasteful lifestyle. In 1995, the brand set up its headquarters in the southern part of France – Provence – a place full of inspiration.
From its origin, terre d’Oc has collected the beauty secrets and enchanting elements from the most natural elements. Based on the French aesthetics culture focusing on the exquisite and delicate,
it creates a colourful fantasy world.
French-made terre d’Oc collections include Home Fragrances, Organic Teas, Make-up,
Skincare and Bodycare. All materials are carefully selected from different corners of the world
where produce is fertile and abundant and where quality is paramount.

In 2009, terre d’Oc stepped out from Provence to the world’s most cultural city – Paris.
It established its first flagship store at Vista da Catedral de Montmartre,
an internationally recognized tourist spot. In 2013, it made its way to Hong Kong
and opened the first boutique in Asia, where customers can feel the organic wave from France.