23 Jun 2024 By May Ng

Island Shangri-La’s Luxurious Mooncake Offerings Offer A Memorable Dining Experience for the Mid-Autumn Season

As the luminous glow of the Mid-Autumn Festival approaches, Island Shangri-La beckons guests to indulge in an array of opulent mooncakes and hampers that blend traditional flavours with contemporary elegance, encased in exquisitely designed seasonal packaging. From June 11 to September 16, 2024, guests can savour Island Shangri-La’s expertly crafted mooncakes available for pre-order through the hotel’s e-Shop, and create unforgettable memories under the full moon.

Among the new additions, the Summer Palace Musang King Durian Molten Lava Mooncakes promise an aromatic, smooth, and creamy treat that will tantalise your senses. This exquisite creation captures the unique richness of Musang King durian, making it a must-try for those with a penchant for the bold and aromatic fruit. The 6-piece set is available for $408.

For those who appreciate a bite with a slight bounce, the Summer Palace Luna Mochi Mooncakes are a delightful option. These mooncakes feature soft and chewy mochi layers infused with velvety taro and crunchy pistachio, creating a sumptuous textural experience. Presented in a charming half-moon shaped box that doubles as a jewellery box, this 6-piece set is priced at $408.

The Ming Pavilion Mooncake Selection offers a luxurious taste experience with its Milk Custard and Molten Lava Milk Custard mooncakes. Each bite reveals a rich custard flavour that harmonises perfectly with the savoury notes of salted egg yolk, providing a perfect contrast of textures. This elegant 8-piece set is priced at $408.

The most popular among returning favourites, the Summer Palace Mini Milk Custard Mooncake, is celebrated for its creamy custard filling and delicate buttery crust. This mooncake, a classic choice that never fails to please, comes in an 8-piece set priced at $508.

Summer Palace White Lotus Seed Paste with Double Egg Yolks Mooncakes 

The Summer Palace Mini White Lotus Seed Paste with Egg Yolk Mooncakes are crafted with premium lotus seed paste and perfectly balanced with a hint of saltiness. This exquisite 8-piece set is priced at $508.

For those who love a molten surprise, the 8-piece set of Summer Palace Deluxe Molten Lava Milk Custard Mooncakes features a silky lava custard centre that melts in your mouth, enhancing the rich custard flavour. It is available for $528.

The Summer Palace Premium Molten Lava Custard Mooncakes Duo includes four Mini Black Sesame Molten Lava Custard Mooncakes and four Mini White Lotus Seed Paste Molten Lava Custard Mooncakes, offering a mix of earthy black sesame and aromatic white lotus seed paste. This delicious duo, consisting of 8 pieces, is priced at $528.

The Summer Palace White Lotus Seed Paste with Double Egg Yolks Mooncakes are another classic, providing a rich and flavorful experience that combines the smoothness of lotus seed paste with the savoury taste of egg yolk. This 4-piece box is priced at $508.

Summer Palace Luna Mochi Mooncakes

For a truly special treat, the Summer Palace Red Bean Paste with Rare 80-Year Dried Tangerine Peel Collector’s Gift Box is presented in an elegant burgundy silk-clad box. Perfect as a collectible or jewellery box, these mooncakes include red bean paste and precious 80-year-old dried tangerine peel. The 8-piece gift box is available for $1,358.

The Summer Palace Seven-Star Mooncake Set is a long-time favourite among mooncake lovers. Nestled in a crimson box, one large White Lotus Seed Paste Mooncake with six Egg Yolks takes centre stage, surrounded by seven assorted mini mooncakes with flavours such as Red Bean Paste with Dried Tangerine Peel, Milk Custard, Citrus Custard, Pure Green Tea Custard, Black Sesame Molten Lava Custard, Molten Lava Milk Custard, and Molten Lava White Lotus Seed Paste. This 8-piece set is priced at $1,158.

For those with a discerning palate, the Shangri-La Mooncake Selection presents a sophisticated blend of 50-year aged mandarin peel, imparting a citrusy zest to the smooth red bean paste crafted from the finest Tianjin thin-skin red beans. This elegant assortment, featuring a trio of flavours—delicate rosebuds, refreshing Japanese yuzu, and sweet osmanthus—is priced at $788 for a 9-piece set.

Elevate your festive celebrations with our luxurious hampers, perfect for gifting or personal enjoyment. The Silver Hamper includes Summer Palace Mini Milk Custard Mooncakes, Shangri-La Chocolate, Shangri-La Cookies, Traditional Jam, Dried Porcini Noodles Gift Box, Black Garlic and Himematsutake Mushroom Gift Box, Chinese Tea, and French Red Wine. This exquisite hamper is available for $2,888.

Shangri-La Mooncake Selection (9 pieces)

The Gold Hamper, priced at $3,888 offers the same exquisite mooncakes along with Japanese Kuromame Shoyu, Premium Shiitake and Matsutake Gift Box, Fish Maw, Chinese Tea, and Veuve Clicquot Champagne.

For a truly opulent experience, the Platinum Hamper features additional delights such as Summer Palace Mini Mooncakes with White Lotus Seed Paste and Egg Yolk, Summer Palace X.O. Sauce, Dried Conch and Himematsutake Mushroom Gift Box, Dried Hokkaido Scallop, and Premium French Red Wine. This hamper is yours for $4,888.

The Diamond Hamper takes luxury a step further with Dom Pérignon Champagne, a Matsutake and Sliced Conch Gift Box, and English Tea. This ultimate indulgence is priced at $5,888.

Finally, the Harvest Moon Hamper, a masterpiece of indulgence, includes the Summer Palace Red Bean Paste with Rare 80-year Dried Tangerine Peel Collector’s Gift Box, Balsamic Condiment and Black Truffle Gift Set, Château d’Estoublon Extra Virgin Olive Oil, and Krug Rosé Gift Box. This exceptional hamper is priced at $9,999.

The Celebratory Collection – Island Gourmet features a delightful selection including Candied Walnut, Shangri-La Chocolate, Summer Palace X.O. Sauce, Cut Comb Honey, and Veuve Clicquot Champagne. This elegant collection is available for $1,688.

The Celebratory Collection – Restaurant Petrus includes Candied Walnut, Shangri-La Chocolate, Restaurant Petrus Vegan X.O. Sauce, Manuka Honey, and Premium French Red Wine. This luxurious collection is priced at $2,188.

Celebrate the Mid-Autumn Festival with Island Shangri-La’s unparalleled mooncake offerings and hampers, where tradition meets luxury in every bite.

e-Shop: https://boutique.shangri-la.com/

Available for redemption from September 2 to 16, 2024, at Island Gourmet (Level 5).

For reservations and more information, please contact Island Shangri-La, Hong Kong at Island Gourmet (Level 5, T: 28208551).

Shangri-La Circle members enjoy 20% off any purchase on or before September 16, 2024. Certain mooncake flavours are available for bulk orders with a special discount for orders over 10 boxes.