We live in an era of technology.

Communication might seem easier, but something seems missing.

Human touch, real-life connection, and good vibes.

To show people how much we love and value, and how much they are loved and valued.

No matter how virtual interaction reshapes our lives, good deeds are always the way we express

what makes us human.

About The #GOODDEEDS Project

For over 50 years, ISSEY MIYAKE has witnessed countless tides of trends and fads. The ever-changing fashion world and the evolution of marketing strategies constantly reshape the world we live in. Amid impermanence and changes, the fashion house stays true to its core and never bends its materials and aesthetics to fit any trends. Such dedication stems from the belief that lightweight, simple, functional and durable designs are eternal classics.

The wheel of time sees how social media changes the way we interact. More pixels and less face-to-face. Real-life communication is on the decline, but one thing never changes: we still crave to touch one another’s heart and soul. The instinctive desire to share love and positivity gives life to social media pages that bring good vibes to people, reminding us that the world is still full of hope.

Because the heart-to-heart connection is what truly makes life better, the urge to rekindle the vibes that only real-life communication can offer inspires ISSEY MIYAKE to rethink how to blend human touch in the futuristic present and future.

Stay true to your values, but also embrace changes to build a better world. ISSEY MIYAKE has found this spirit in many good people and good deeds. Hence, the #GoodDeeds Project – real personalities, real stories, real hearts.


These six influencers have witnessed countless changes in their fields. They, like ISSEY MIYAKE, stay true to themselves and believe their values are worth their persistence.

All dressed in ISSEY MIYAKE’s latest signatures; they unite to share their stories and perspectives. With a huge following on social media, these figures may have a picture-perfect life, but what makes them captivating is the sheer passion for good deeds that make people feel loved and valued.

“I never set goals for my accomplishments, but I ask of myself to be a kind person,” says singer Kenny Kwan (@kennyjr) as he was clad in the House’s signature pleats. “The world of social media is dominated by the cancel culture, full of criticism and misunderstanding. Do you want to be part of it, or do you want to make sure every word you say is a manifesto of kindness?” The heartthrob with a kind heart lends his stardom to inspire compassion for the world as Ambassador of Famine 30 by World Vision 2021. Kwan demonstrates how flexibility and versatility are needed to reveal the true colours of life.


Dressed in monochrome ILLUSION stretch pleats from me ISSEY MIYAKE, Ling Tse (@lingtse) shares how her pursuits in musical theatre, dance and music have exposed her to the possibilities of life, which she wants to inspire others to explore. “Only you know what is in store for you, do not let the world dominate where you should go. You have to find your balance. Talk to yourself.”

“The switch to feng shui made me a better person. It pushed me to step out to explore all the things that I didn’t know.” The unusual feng shui master Thierry Chow (@thierrychow), sporting the latest reincarnation-inspired print from me ISSEY MIYAKE and BAO BAO tote, shares views on the infinity of life.

Illustrator and singer-songwriter YUKILOVEY  (@yukilovey) expresses her sentimental world’s colours through the vibrant orange outfit and her synergy with designer husband ADONIAN CHAN (@adonian) with the monochrome but harmonious couple outfits. “Our personalities are poles apart, but we are like a team – just like the totem of tai chi. But I think this makes a great relationship because different perspectives make a design or art piece complete.”

“I always want to know what people want to see, or what they are struggling with. You can complain about your circumstance or where you live, but that doesn’t change anything.” Jovial and graceful content creator Sam Is Home (@samishome)loves to share and celebrate everything that makes life bright and beautiful in every way possible – including how she fashions the latest TEMPORARY ROOM pieces from SS21 Collection.

These extraordinary souls, like ISSEY MIYAKE, see state-of-the-art technology as a medium to share love, hope and positivity. After all, we believe making others feel loved and valued will never be out of style.