21 Mar 2023 By AWAY IN STYLE

JENNIE is a new face of the CHANEL 22 bag


韓國頂尖女歌手JENNIE風靡全球,由2017年起出任CHANEL品牌大使,最近更身兼 CHANEL 22 迷你手袋廣告女郎,引領廣告導演Inez & Vinoodh遊走於首爾街頭取 景拍攝。

新一輯廣告繼續以CHANEL風格符號與流行文化潮流交融共鳴為主旨,另外三位 廣告女主角Lily-RoseDepp、MargaretQualley 及 WhitneyPeak分別與手挽袋及背 囊款式亮相,拍攝地點包括洛杉磯、棕櫚泉及紐約,JENNIE的版本於韓國首都首 爾取景,Inez & Vinoodh以JENNIE的個性及品味為基礎創作全新故事。

JENNIE無疑是當今女性典範,舉手投足盡見其獨有個性,又不失大家共有的特質, 她說:「Inez & Vinoodh親切地稱呼我做『My Girl』,的確令人寛慰,因為他倆視 我為一個年輕女子,而不單只是活在鎂光燈下的『JENNIE』。我身為BLACKPINK成 員,時時刻刻都成為眾人焦點,但今次的廣告形象亦準確地展現真我個性。」

JENNIE代表著這時代的特質,與CHANEL 22手袋的時代感呼應,那份大都會時尚 風與青春氣息節拍,與當今社會潮流脈搏緊密相連。

CHANEL 22 平面廣告將於3月21日亮相,廣告片將於4月3日起播放。



A CHANEL ambassador since 2017, JENNIE is the new face of the CHANEL 22 bag. To embody the mini version of CHANEL’s latest bag, the Korean singer, an iconic K-Pop artist celebrated worldwide, leads Inez & Vinoodh through the streets of Seoul.

Alongside Lily-Rose Depp, Margaret Qualley and Whitney Peak – who bring the tote and backpack versions of the CHANEL 22 bag to life – the campaign continues to make the codes of pop culture resonate with those of the House. For this fourth episode, Inez & Vinoodh have created an original story based around JENNIE’s own tastes and personality. The Korean capital is the latest backdrop following on from Los Angeles, Palm Springs and New York.

JENNIE is a woman of her time. She interprets it in a manner that is both singular and universal: “Inez & Vinoodh call me ‘My Girl’. It’s comforting because they see me as a young woman, not just “JENNIE” in the spotlight. As a member of BLACKPINK, I’m constantly in the spotlight, but these images are an accurate representation of who I really am.”

JENNIE represents the modernity of the CHANEL 22 bag. The style of a cosmopolitan and vibrant youth, capturing the beat of the world.

The campaign photos will be unveiled from 21st March and the films on 3rd April.