22 Jul 2023 By May Ng

Jǐng Launches Six-course Song Dynasty-inspired Lunch Tasting Menu

An immersive dining experience featuring creative interpretations of ancient dishes in a bespoke setting, perfect for private gatherings and celebrations

Jǐng, a private room hidden within Auntie ĀYI at Pacific Place, offers guests an immersive and multi-sensory journey through the culture of China’s ancient Song Dynasty. Through a carefully curated combination of taste, sight, and sound, guests will be transported back in time to explore the lives of legendary figures such as Su Shi, Emperor Song Gaozong, to Lord Bao and General Yue Fei. With its unique and culturally significant offerings, Jǐng’s private room dining experience is set to be a distinctive and unforgettable culinary adventure, catering to those seeking an exceptional option for hosting their special occasions.

The six-course Song Dynasty Lunch Tasting Menu ($800/ person) is approximately one and a half hours long, featuring dishes inspired by Song Dynasty culinary classics. Executive Chef Michael Wu has added his own imagination and creativity to these dishes to create a dining experience full of fun and excitement. The appetizer, Capital Kaifeng Wrap, features bamboo shoots, mushrooms, lobster, scallops, and shrimp all wrapped in bean curd skin. Madam Song’s Fish Broth is a flavourful soup made with fish broth, shredded fish, and ham. The main course, Emperor Gaozong’s Orange-flavoured Crab Meat, uses fresh oranges to stuff with crab meat and roe, then steamed with orange juice and wine for a subtle citrus aroma.