John Anthony launches 42-Day Roasted Peking Duck

Having recently celebrated its first full year since opening, John Anthony, Hong Kong’s leading sustainable Chinese restaurant located in Causeway Bay, has undergone an evolution of its expansive menu, full of contemporary Cantonese delights. The fan favourites that have established themselves over the past year (such as the Tea Smoked Crispy Free-Range Yellow Chicken and the Slow-Cooked Australian Wagyu Beef Cheek with Watermelon and Chili Sauce) remain, with some new and enticing additions to the menu.

Some delectable new dishes include Oat-Fried Soft Shell Crab, Char-Grilled Australian Wagyu Beef Skewersand a Shredded Pacific Lobster, Basil and Pomelo Salad, as well as a fully Zero-Waste Cocktail menu from the restaurant’s stunning gin bar. The crowning glory: John Anthony now offers 42-Day Roasted Peking Duckas part of its BBQ meat selection. John Anthony’s culinary team, headed up by Executive Chef Saito Chau, have put an innovative spin on this revered Beijing classic, while retaining the authentic spirit of the traditional delicacy.

Sourced from the same supplier as sister restaurant Mott 32, the ducks at John Anthony are 42-days old, weigh approximately 2kg each, and are imported directly from Beijing after going through a meticulous sourcing and selection process. The ducks are then placed into a custom-made fridge that emulates Beijing’s typical climate, allowing the fat layer within the skin to produce a crystal-like consistency. Prior to serving, the ducks are roasted to seal in its juices. All these techniques combined create delectable, extra crispy skin and tender, flavourful meat.

Once roasted, John Anthony’s 42-Day Roasted Peking Duck is hand-carved and accompanied by traditional condiments such as freshly steamed pancakes, crunchy cucumber and scallions. To bring a touch of innovation to this classic dish, Executive Chef Saito Chau has incorporated additional, unexpected garnishes such as watermelon radish, house made black pepper sauce and Chinese five spice powder to enhance the overall experience.

Available during lunch and dinner, John Anthony’s Peking duck is served whole (HKD $590) or half (HKD $340 HKD) and must be pre-ordered 24-hours in advance. A second course add-on is available whereby customers can choose between Minced Duck in Edible Spoon (HKD $45/pc) or a Stir-Fried Duck Rack served with Secret Chili Sauce or Ginger & Scallion (HKD $135), speaking to the zero-waste sensibility of this pioneering Chinese restaurant, ensuring every part of the duck is utilised and enjoyed by our guests.