JOHN HARDY – Naturally Fierce

Naturally Fierce. Reverence for the raw power of nature: Lahar.

Expanded upon for Spring, Lahar evolves this season with new icy diamond styles in sterling silver and 18k yellow gold alongside the introduction of wild blue sapphires.

The world’s second-hardest stones, blue sapphires erupt as the waves crash, creating a seamless gradient in unexpected hexagonal and kite cuts. Radiant blue sapphire, a protective stone believed to enhance clarity, are meticulously handset to maximize sparkle. Best-selling Fall styles from cuffs, saddle rings, to pendants are re- imagined with blue sapphires.

Set against sterling silver and 18k yellow gold, icy diamonds are incorporated using three different setting techniques, all further highlighting the unique formation of these natural diamonds. Across a spectrum of trilliant, kite, round and hexagonal cuts, our signature pavé is rich with natural inclusions and distinct hues. Emulating the organic movement of lava, flowing waves of diamonds sweep across bold rings, necklaces, statement earrings and cuffspage1image1639008

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自然懾人 Lahar:大地原始力量的讚歌

Lahar 系列於春季推出令人眼前一亮的新作,帶來鑲嵌閃爍鑽石的全新純銀和 18K 黃金設計,還有 散發原始魅力的藍色藍寶石。系列從峇里島火山的野性美和澎湃力量取材,演繹汪洋遇上陸地、 熔岩流入海中的壯麗時刻,現在更以閃亮的寶石結合熔化的金屬,歌頌自然的力量。

硬度為世上第二的藍寶石,在洶湧的海浪之中噴發,以意想不到的六邊形和風箏形切割形成流麗 的層次。明亮的藍寶石據說帶有守護的力量,能令人保持思緒清晰。Lahar 系列以巧妙的手工鑲嵌 工藝,徹底釋放藍寶石的光芒,並為大受歡迎的秋季手鐲、鞍形戒指和吊墜等首飾注入新意。

點綴純銀和 18K 黃金的透明鑽石,以三種不同技巧鑲嵌而成,突顯天然美鑽的獨特晶體結構。鑽 石採用三角形、風箏形、圓形和六邊形切割,而品牌的特色密鑲鑽石更展現各種天然內含物和獨 特色調。由鑽石交織而成的波浪重現熔岩流瀉的動態,為奪目的戒指、頸鏈、耳環和手鐲增添動 感。

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