27 May 2023 By May Ng

Journey of Discovery at the Residence Mauritius

A Jewel of elegant refinement reminiscent of a bygone age, The Residence Mauritiusis a beachfront paradise set along a stunning stretch of pearl-white sand, swept up in the warmth of Mauritian hospitality and exceptional island experiences. From the North to the South, Mauritius is inundated with the beauty of nature, culture and history. While the northern part of the island is filled with glossy, pristine resorts, the southern part of the island offers the most beautiful and wildest landscape from the spectacular views of the mountainous terrains, stunning shorelines to anirrepressible tropical coastal environment.

Experience the enchantment of Mauritius on its southern coast. Prepare for extraordinary encounters amidst the island’s wonders, exploring Black River Gorges National Park with its protected trees and captivating vistas. Discover Vanilla Nature Park’s diverse animal species and rare insectarium and fossil museum collections. Follow the Mauritius Cultural Trail to museums showcasing the island’s history and visit the Rhumerie of Charamel for a rum-tasting experience. Explore beautiful beaches, like Sancho Island and Riviere des Galets, or marvel at Gris Gris beach’s rugged cliffs. Don’t miss Grand Bassin, a sacred lake with Hindu temples.

Return to The Residence Mauritius for relaxation, indulging in spa treatments at The Sanctuary and savoring diverse cuisines. Located in Belle Mare, the resort offers stunning beaches, azure waters, and a blend of modern elegance and colonial-inspired style. From adventure seekers to couples and families, The Residence Mauritius offers an unforgettable retreat under the warm Mauritian sun.