26 Sep 2023 By May Ng

Jun stars in new ‘Youth Everlasting’ campaign for La Mer

A-list South Korean actress Gianna Jun has been appointed as its first brand ambassador and will star in its latest campaign ‘Youth Everlasting’. Known for her striking portrayals of strong female characters throughout her impressive career, Jun naturally embodies the resilience, strength, and confidence at the core of La Mer’s skincare philosophy. The iconic actress is the perfect partner to represent the inner-outer beauty and ageless allure, long celebrated by La Mer.

“La Mer has long been a part of my self-care ritual. There’s a unique beauty that comes with age and La Mer is a brand I deeply trust to celebrate this beauty,” says Jun. “Through self-exploration, I’ve discovered that you can harness the power of youthful energy at all stages of life. This philosophy deeply aligns with the La Mer approach to skincare, which uses its signature Miracle Broth™ to help achieve youthful radiance and glow as we gracefully embrace the journey of aging. I am delighted to join the La Mer family and look forward to sharing the empowering message of self-exploration through our partnership.”

La Mer has always championed the belief that true beauty emanates from within. The brand’s commitment to crafting exceptional skincare products using the most pristine ingredients resonates deeply with Jun’s own appreciation of artistry, craft, and excellence.

“Gianna Jun is a renowned star whose personality and values perfectly reflect the timeless qualities of La Mer,” says Sandra Main, La Mer Global Brand President. “Just as La Mer brings out the natural strength and potential of each individual’s skin, Gianna shows us through the trajectory of her career that beauty emerges from the inside out as much as the outside in.”


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