26 Nov 2021 By May Ng

K11 Art Mall unveils makeover in December with 30 new merchants

Projects double-digit growth in Q4 sales and footfall with three-pronged strategy that uniquely targets Gen Z

With Christmas just around the corner, K11 Art Mall is expecting double-digit growth in both sales and footfall in the fourth quarter, compared to the same period last year. Placing retail transformation at the heart of business strategy to provide consumers with a diversified experience, K11 Art Mall unveils its recent makeover by introducing over 30 new merchants targeting Generation Z, with half launching their flagship or limited pop-up stores in the city.

1 Upgrading tenant mix and introducing exclusive pop-up stores

  • K11 Art Mall continues to upgrade and improve its tenant mix. More than 30 new merchants that span multiple sectors will open in the fourth quarter, all of which will be driven by the Generation Z consumer experience. Popular merchants include AME Stadium, the only e-sports arena in Hong Kong; outdoor sports brand The North Face’s largest flagship store in the city; Hong Kong’s first DaYung’s fresh fruit tea shop; the first physical store in Kowloon of urban outdoor select shop CARRYin, which began as an online store.
  • To keep up with the constant need of Generation Z to pursue unique experiences, K11 Art Mall has dedicated a space in the high-traffic zone on the ground floor, to introduce a number of popular animation pop-up stores, including “Demon Slayer: Kimetsu No Yaiba”, “Jujutsu Kaisen’s Sorcerers and Curses”, Gundam fashion brand STRICT-G, as well as “BANPRESTO EXPO”. These pop-up stores attracted over 10,000 animation fans for pilgrimages, establishing K11 Art Mall as a retail pioneer which leads the trend of limited-time pop-up stores.

2 Curating a 16,000-square-feet themed zone

  • Generation Z not only seeks out personalised and unique products, but also experimental shopping experiences. As such, K11 Art Mall has curated a 16,000-sq-ft themed zone – the “place to reset” K11 Natural and K11 Select, a dedicated fashion concept zone for Asian design talents.
  1. K11 Natural, an 8,000 sq. ft “place to reset”, was repositioned in May this year, attracting 10 young shopkeepers to open stores and introduce culture that young customers love. HOW TO LIVE WELL, one of the most popular local lifestyle concept stores among youngsters, entered K11 Art Mall for the first time and opened a lifestyle café. Its sales have reached a record high since opening; also, the overall sales and consumer footfall of K11 Natural increased 200% and 70% respectively compared to the same period last year.
  2. Another fashion-themed zone that opened in August this year, K11 Select, features more than 20 new trending Asian designer brands and brings together a variety of individual and stylish items, generating double-digit growth of sales and footfall of K11 Select.

3 democratising art that attracts footfall

  • K11 Art Mall continues to host art and cultural activities in efforts to promote art to a wider audience. The most popular to date has been the world’s first MEME Museum, a crossover event held this summer with the internationally renowned online “GAG” platform, 9GAG. This collaboration broke the attendance record over the years, with more than 70% of visitors being Generation Z. The exhibition also won the highest honour of the Platinum Award at the MarCom 2021 Awards.
  • This Christmas, following the popular MEME Museum, K11 Art Mall will create a 3,000 sq. ft chi K11 art space with a dream-like setting to present Portuguese artist Maria Imaginário’s first Asian exhibition “Mundane Wonders”, which takes visitors back in time to their childhood through art. It is expected that the sales and footfall will register double-digit growth respectively.

K11 Art Mall presents Maria Imaginário’s first Asian exhibition “Mundane Wonders”, celebrating Christmas with customers.

K11 Art Mall will continue to enhance the tenant mix in the future. It is estimated that in 2022, approximately 50 new stores and limited-time pop-up stores will gradually open in different periods, bringing surprises and diversified experiences to consumers.

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