Katharine Pooley Presents Her Top Picks for a Touch of Elegance at Home


A selection of luxury home accessories in accents of white and bronze

Katharine Pooley, a highly sought-after interior designer, we are pleased to share a selection of products from her eponymous boutique with accents of white and bronze to refresh the outlook of your home. White is the colour of freshness and simplicity while bronze symbolises strength and stability. Katharine Pooley has included the pop of white and bronze in the design of her luxurious accessories to accentuate living spaces. 

The Coco Vase is crafted in shagreen with bronze-patina brass to contrast. The Coco Bowl’s exquisitely quilted design exudes luxury and sophistication and is available in varying sizes and finishes. Katharine shares that shagreen frames are the perfect way to display treasured family photographs elegantly. The Classic Brass Shagreen Frame has a metal frame finish for a clean contemporary look while the Constellation frame is luxuriously embellished with Mother of Pearl to emulate the night sky. The Clear Quartz Calcite and Desert Rose Votive have a wonderful crystalline quality and embrace the stone’s natural beauty according to Katharine. The Butterfly decorative jar, is a handmade glass with a cream Kabibi shell lid and showcases a beautiful brass sculpted silver-plated Butterfly. The elegant Dragonfly Mother of Pearl plate is perfect for the bathroom or dressing room table tops. Mother of Pearl adds luminosity and lustre to the accessories designed by Katharine Pooley.

These luxury accessories are carefully curated and designed by Katharine Pooley herself and can be found at her Walton Street Boutique in London and via her online boutique store.