25 Jan 2022 By May Ng

KAZE is KN95 Safe, with a spark of style

Two years into the fight against the pandemic, face masks have become a daily necessity and a medium of expression. Witnessing this, KAZE Origins has stepped up to produce premium respirators that balance safety with aesthetics. From fashionistas to the general public, KAZE protects while allowing each and everyone to reveal one’s true self.

In light of the CDC advising the public to wear KN95 masks, we would like to emphasize that KAZE respirators are KN95. This means KAZE provides one of the highest levels of protection against COVID-19. We take pride in our KAZE designs, all geared towards safety, comfort and style.

All models are fitted with elastic ear loops to ensure a proper fitting for maximum protection. Each KAZE mask also comes with a sponge-lined nose bridge and adjustable ear tabs so each person can dial in the fit. KAZE masks are made from premium materials, selected to maximize airflow while blocking out dust, germs and particles.

Fresh for winter: the Alpine, Azure, Glacier and Carpentry series

KAZE introduces 4 new series for the Winter 2022 collection: the Alpine, Azure, Glacier and Carpentry series. Infusing life into the new year, masks are dyed in cheery, festive colours. Each piece is individually packed and can be resealed.

Staying in vogue with celebs wearing KAZE

Wearing a KAZE mask means having the best of both worlds: high fashion with high standards. Fashion enthusiasts and the public can now enjoy this indispensable asset that international stars have long appreciated. Celebrities like Justin Bieber, George Clooney, Anne Hathaway, Dua Lipa, Kendall Jenner, Zendaya, Lewis Hamilton, and Chris Paul are just a handful of stars seen rocking KAZE with luxury streetwear.

Recent brand collaborations include a crossover with British fashion brand MATCHESFASHION. Other notable partnerships include collaborations with Macau Grand Prix, Deutsche Tourenwagen Masters, Women Tennis Association, and Sotheby’s.

Official website: kazeorigins.com

Facebook / Instagram: @kazeorigins