Kessler Zink

Historically certified:
Quality from Rheinhessen

Early in 1955 a private winery was founded on historic ground: the Dohlmühle estate is mentioned in documents since 1390. Once it has been an ancient mill – today the business is to deal with more delicious liquids that spring water. Buildings and properties have changed their purpose and are part of the winery and vineyards now.

Since 1990 the Stütz family is owner of the Dohlmühle estate. The family does not only produce their own fine wines on acreage of 35 hectare, they also operate modern wine cellars and a bottling plant. In their work they combine approved old fashioned methods with innovative techniques of wine-making – thus the family has good reason to take an optimistic look into the future.

The wine:
Kessler Zink Pinot Noir

2006     Pinot Noir Redwine – Semidry, QbA, quality wine red

A full-bodied, red wine with an intensive taste and the complex character of fruity and aromatic German red wines.
Grape variety: Spätburgunder (Pinot Noir)

This red wine has an intensive smell and taste of dark fruits, blueberries, and black currants. The sweetness is well balanced and indulge the tannins of the Pinot Noir grapes. A very nice red wine for red wine-lovers who enjoy also a little bit of sweetness.

Serve with a temperature of 18°C, with roasted spicy food like lamb-chucks or grilled beef.

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