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Kilian Paris, The Kologne shield of protection

Hong Kong – Cologne is classic. Kologne, shield of protection by KILIAN PARIS is next generation.

Splash into a Kool summer with an incredible sensory trip across freshness, intensity and time: Kologne, shield of protection takes a classic out to party.

Perfume is like a shield of protection to Founder Kilian Hennessy, emboldening our unconscious fears with a sense of security. Kologne, shield of protection is the ultimate olfactive expression of this belief. He creates a scent for feeling protected anywhere, anytime, as an aura of purity and vitality in an instant spritz.

Cologne is named after the German city, where Italian perfumer Giovanni Maria Farina created the citrus, rosemary and alcohol blend Eau de Cologne in 1709; yet its origins go deeper.

Eau de Cologne was inspired by recipes from the Middle Ages, “versatile remedies” called Aquae Mirabile, or mixtures of antiseptic aromatic herbs used to “cleanse” the air. It also referenced L’Eau de la Reine de Hongrie, an herb blend used in the fairytale ‘Sleeping Beauty’ to awaken the legendary princess.

如果說古龍水(Cologne)是經典的存在,那麼KILIAN PARIS全新推出的Kologne, shield of protection便是新一代的曠世傑作——爽朗卻無比馥郁,一灑即揮走酷酷熱浪,隨即展開一趟橫越時空的非凡感官之旅——Kologne, shield of protection,讓經典重回舞池上最耀眼的中央。

創辦人Kilian Hennessy認為,香水就像一道護盾,包圍著我們,令人充滿安全感,驅除無意識之恐懼。Kologne, shield of protection正是以此信念來創作之終極香氣——噴灑於身上,瞬間形成一股純淨且充滿活力的光環,縈迴於四周,讓幽香氣息隨時隨地守護著我們。

眾所周知,世上第一款古龍水Eau de Cologne於1709年推出,由居住在德國科隆(Cologne)的意大利調香師Giovanni Maria Farina以柑橘、迷迭香和酒精調製而成。然而,古龍水直正的起源其實更源遠流長……

古龍水的最早的靈感,源於中世紀一款稱為Aquae Mirabile(奇蹟之水)的配方。「奇蹟之水」由多種具抗菌功效的芳香草本植物調配製成,具有「淨化」空氣之作用。「奇蹟之水」更成就了舉世知名的匈牙利皇后水的誕生,同時,亦是童話《睡美人》中用來喚醒公主的神秘草藥。

Founder Kilian Hennessy had been developing his own cologne for years, sparked by a desire to return to the roots and meaning of this unique genre of perfume. Together with perfumer Calice Becker, his own ‘shield of protection’ has been forged.

A playful garden of delight, Kologne, shield of protection debuts with luminous citrus notes of green mandarin, bitter orange leading into a heart of rosemary, mint and neroli. A sophisticated, woodsy dry-down is built upon cedarwood, cashmeran and a distinctive ‘sap’ accord composed of green vegetal notes.

Kologne, shield of protection’s perfume bottle is vivid blue, colored like the perfect summer night pool party with gun metal hardware accents. The bottle features KILIAN PARIS’s signature style: angular and elegant with art deco design undertones, as well as its iconic motif along the sides: concentric circles inspired by the divine shield crafted for the ancient Greek warrior, Achilles.

Jump into summer with Kologne, shield of protection. An olfactive armor, a source of personal power, and an immediate uplift for the Kraziest KILIAN PARIS summer.

Kilian Hennessy多年來,一直醉心於創造其獨特風韻的古龍水,他的願境是重新賦予經典古龍水的根源意義。最終,他與調香師Calice Becker合作,成就這款作為「芬芳護盾」——Kologne, shield of protection

就像漫步於令人賞心悅目的花園,Kologne, shield of protection以明亮翠綠的柑橘、苦橙作引子,帶領迷迭香、薄荷和橙花於主調中漸露光芒。隨著時間流轉,基調之雪松木、羊絨木氣息漸漸浮現,以深邃精緻的蒼翠木香,成就無出其右之樹脂調子。

Kologne, shield of protection的香氛瓶呈現鮮豔的湛藍色,配以精雕細琢的鐵灰色金屬配件,讓人聯想起奢華夏日夜色的泳池派對。香氛瓶一貫地展現出KILIAN PARIS經典風格:棱角分明、優雅,宛如裝飾藝術,精妙絕倫。當然,少不了刻在瓶側的標誌性圖案:靈感源於古希臘戰士阿喀琉斯神聖盾牌的圖騰。

讓香氣幻化為甲胄,散發個性力量的神秘泉源,灑上Kologne, shield of protection投奔夏日,以蓬勃的朝氣迎接狂熱的KILIAN PARIS盛夏。

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Kologne 香氛| HK$2,200 50ml



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