31 May 2024 By May Ng

King of Black Teas 2024 Tea WG’s Darjeeling First Flush

In the heart of the Himalayan hills, where whispers of spring dance on the breeze, exists an exceptional and divine harvest. Each Spring, Tea WG embarks on a pilgrimage to the Northeast region of India in West Bengal – high in the foothills of the Himalayan Plateaus – in search of some of the finest and most celebrated Darjeeling first flush harvests.

Over deep mountain valleys shrouded in cool misty clouds lies a verdant terrain: a winding passage of luscious, terraced steps where some of the most revered tea leaves are cultivated on family-owned estates. The unique terroir of Darjeeling, with its cool temperatures, high altitude of up to 2,500 metres, distinctive soil and rainfall, imparts a unique and naturally occurring quality and flavour that yields some of the most exceptional and highly sought-after black teas in the world, where no two gardens or harvests taste alike.

Limited Edition Darjeeling First Flush

In dawn’s tender embrace, verdant leaves unfurl to reveal the most coveted Darjeeling harvests available throughout the year. An exquisite first flush Spring harvest, also known as the King of Black Teas, preciously encased in a limited-edition tea tin of striking green adorned with gold hues.

The 2024 Darjeeling First Flush Tea from the Grand Mode Tea Collection is rich in aroma and complex in flavour with outstanding notes of ripe fruits and nuts.

Highly prized by tea enthusiasts around the world, a curated selection of 10 loose-leaf harvests from celebrated estates of Darjeeling will be arriving by air and available in limited quantities from 17th June 2024.

Beyond the remarkable flavours in the teacup, tea is a legacy that invites all to embark on a voyage to discover and explore rich cultures; an experience like no other that will bring people back, time and again, in pursuit of the intangible qualities of Tea WG.

Discover the terroir of the season in every cup and savour the unparalleled quality of these exceptional harvests.

2024 Darjeeling First Flush Tea from the Grand Mode Tea Collection, HK$388 (100g). Available from 1st June 2024. A premium selection of single-estate loose-leaf Darjeeling First Flush Harvests, from HK$265 per 50g. Available from 17th June 2024 for a limited time only at Tea WG Salon & Boutiques in Hong Kong.

Glamour Teapot, from HK$1658. Glamour Tea Bowl, from HK$658. Available at all Tea WG Salons & Boutiques in Hong Kong.