1 Apr 2022 By AWAY IN STYLE

KINGDOM Makes Comeback With Fourth Album, History Of Kingdom: Part IV. Dann

South Korean boy group KINGDOM has released their latest album History Of Kingdom: Park IV. Dann. This is the group’s fourth album. All of their releases has followed a member and their kingdom, and this project follows the story of Dann and the Kingdom of Change.

“As the main focus for this album, I’ve felt a lot of pressure and really wanted to do well. I’ve also been wanting to come back as much as our KINGMAKERS have been waiting for us. I’ll be giving my all to promote Kingdom through this album.” – Dann

The title track “승천”, “Ascension” in English, is a dance-pop track produced by ROHAN & DDANK from the producer group AllRN:D(Allround). The single and the music video, out the same day as the album, centres around the Korean concept of “한” (han). The six tracks on the album intertwine traditional Korean Music and K-pop. The mix of modern electric and ancient instruments highlights the group’s uniqueness.


KINGDOM is a South Korean boys group consisting of 7 members (Dann, Arthur, Mujin, Louis, Ivan, Jahan, and Chiwoo). The group debuted in 2021 under GF Entertainment with the first mini-album History Of Kingdom: Part I Arthur. The group’s concept is royalty. In their historical universe, each member represents seven kings and their kingdoms.